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    It all started with the idea that you can race without a car. Run arena combines benefits of deathmatch, race and derby. You can be parachuting in one map and hitting someone's head with a baseball bat in another. Possibilities are endless. This Arena is found by vEnom in early 2013.

    -Do not camp
    -Do not punch if the purpose is to annoy peoples
    -Press ENTER if you've failed for a huge amount of times, peoples dont want to see you fail for 5 minutes
    -If you found bugs, do not hesitate to report it to Admins or RUN Junior, also report those who abused bugs.

    -Use pedestrians for the spawn instead of TDM spawn
    -Add Race to the gamemode
    -Make sure you put Race Checkpoints instead of Markers
    -Do not make a hidden sc such as non collision in Maze and invisible objects
    -Make sure to make a way up if you fall, or instead make the map high up in the air so that peoples will die when they fall
    -If you want to test your map, make sure to press F6 instead of F5, or save your map first, after that add TDM Gamemode, then add TDM Spawn. After youre done with it, press the Test button, press Race, then click Full Test.
    -Make it certain that all jumps are possible, and remember to hide defective object with Decorations, so it looks good to the eye
    -If you want to make a map with bikes, change the Pedestrian Spawn to Race Spawn, then change the vehicle of the Race Spawn to BMX, Bicycle, Or MTB
    -Do not add a secret spawn, for example 30 Pedestrian Spawn, and 2 Race Spawn hidden somewhere
    -You may add shortcuts to your map as long its not hidden, remember to not add too much shortcut

    For more information about RUN Mapping, you may read this A link to vEnom's post.

    Special thanks to @Sebi and @Alin for contributing
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