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    What’s your name, age and location?
    Name: My name is Omar used to be called in-game as Mor0
    Country Age : I'm currently 18 years old and living in Egypt,Port said
    Personality: I'm a friendly person that likes to enjoy playing video games like MTA,i actually spend most of my time playing it.

    How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?
    In Fact I Started Playing MTA When a Friend of mine told me about it claimning addictive game. i've been playing mta for 4 years and ffs was my first server, my favorite game-mode is PTP/Shooter. i found ptp/sh boring but, i began playing with him daily. after i started to mapping/developing

    How often do you play?
    In fact, iam wasting most of my time in MTA Special ''FFS''
    Raning From 7 to 9 hours Daily Forum and Server. I think I've enough time to be active with players.

    Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?
    Well as you know , as we all know most of reports come from ptp, then i would like to protect it from
    rules/laws breakers. as i can deal with every jobs in PTP. I also got many experiences and experience which can make me apply as junior of ptp as i'm developer i will do all i have , i will make new suggestions for this area. in terms of forum/server i'm active player so i can help who need help. as I can speak three different languages - Arabic, English and in the last i would like to stand by the admins to keep this arena up,

    Discord Mor0#3873
    Skype live:4d7b75aa0443a461

    Additional information (optional):
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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