1. What's your nickname (s), age and location?:
    I'm Snoop , I'm 15 years old and I live in kasserine in Tunisia
    How long have you been playing MTA: SA?:

    I have been playing MTA since 2014 on cit2.nt. I had been playing just for fun but when my cousin tell me about ffs i like in and i stay playing PTP

    Have you been in any other clans? (if so, name them):

    Sleepless clan (Left )
    Winter soldiers (Left)
    UNIVERSE (PTP clan)

    Which arenas do you play ?:

    Shooter, DM and PTP

    How you can contribute to the improvement of our community ?:

    I like playing in zN and all members are pro in zN

    Why do you want to join zNation ?:

    zNation is the active clan in shooter and i have some friends in zN
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    Re: zN|Snoop's join requast 12-01-2019, 18:44 • #2
    Hey Snoop unfortunately the votes ended up in a bad way.You can make a new join request within 2 weeks from now.Wish you the best!

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