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    ►What is your name and age?;
    My real name is Ahmed I am 19 years old and I live in TN.

    ►Tell us about your MTA career?;
    I Started to play MtA Since 2016, in 2017 a friend told me that he he know a good server "FFS" and my first gamemode was PTP

    ►Previous clans/groups/teams (Why did you leave them?);
    clans reason
    dark passage-member left-no reason
    universe-member left-inactive
    Dark kingS-leader kicked(problem with founder)
    Insane-Skill-Players currently

    ►Why do you want to join us?;
    I would like to join ZeroGravity cause i see this clan active again and i want to be a part of us

    ►Your contacts(Skype or Discord);
    Discord SupeR#7748
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    Re: zG'SupeR Join Request//ACCEPTED 11-01-2019, 19:42 • #2

    Welcome aboard!

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