1. 1. Nickname (s), real name, age & location?

    My name is Liedson, My name Nickname Gagz, I have 17 years, Sobral-CE, BRAZIL

    2. Tell us a bit about your MTA story:

    A bit of history is that in 2012 I played SAMP with some friends who I knew in time, Oh my friend who played there called all of us to play MTA-PLAY, to pass the time, I started to play on Gamer Portal (PG) a server that was known by Brazilians where and u learn to play a little bit the gameplay (Oldschool). I kept seeing the dude all passing the map, but I couldn't, so that's when I started practicing on the AEG (server training). So I learn a little of the basics of gameplay (Deathmatch). 2014-2015, I already knew how to play a little more, it was there where I know the clan calling Brothers World [Bw], Where I stayed a long time in that clan, with a long I was owner of the clan, ~ uF | -United Freestyle, at the time I was glad she made success in my hand, in 2016-2017, I could spend several cool map, you know the/TfF\Trainning, I trained enough to get better, I've been following, you know the FFS GAMING, spent a lot of time there playing with friends and etc..

    3. Previous clans and why you left them:

    [Bw] Brothers World - CLOSED
    ~ uF | United Freestyle - CLOSED
    ~| Swc-Skills Without Control - CLOSED
    LXG//Latin's Xtreme Gamers - Kicked is inactive
    Skilled Gaming -sK- CLOSED

    4. Why do you want to be a part of our family?

    I'm interested in the clan, for being a clan that has many Brazilians, has a good performance goals and is slightly different from other clan, also want to know a little more of WFF, have friends there also i ...

    5. In what way can you help us to reach the top?

    Well, I can help with Cw's, Wff's, Scripter ...
    On this, I will follow the rules of the clan, about what the leading me to pass to make, I will fulfill.

    6. Have you got any special skills? (Mapping, scripting, designing, etc)

    I'm good with scripts.

    7. How do you rate your skills? (DM, Hunter & WFF)

    So, talking about the real I don't know ...
    DM 9/10
    HUNTER 9/10
    WFF 8/10.

    8. When are you available to play? (Day (s) and hour (s) that you can play)

    Only time I can't play this afternoon (15:00 the 19:00) I do stage, after that, I will be available all the time.

    9. What languages do you speak and understand?

    English (more or less)
    Espa˝ol (I speak more Spanish than English)

    10. What social media do you use ?

    WhatsApp : 5588994760459
    Discord: Gagzera#9767

    11. What makes you different from the others candidates?

    Well,I am very dedicated, for example workouts, CW, WFF, etc...

    12. Additional information:

    I tried to do a Join Request cool, plus I don't know how to do many of these things xD, else is there my Join Request, I thank all of you.
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  2. 12-01-2019, 06:16
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 12-01-2019, 06:16 • #2
    Boa Sorte viado<3
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  3. 12-01-2019, 06:34
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 12-01-2019, 06:34 • #3
    Nunca desmereša o menor cheio de sonhos

  4. Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 16-01-2019, 02:56 • #4
    se tu voltar a jogar como antes ai se entra pra foxx gl <33333333

  5. 16-01-2019, 03:23
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 16-01-2019, 03:23 • #5
    um novo macaco
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  6. 16-01-2019, 03:34
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 16-01-2019, 03:34 • #6
    It usually triggers me when I see people typing random English, not that mine is better, but I respect you for trying to make it readable, best of luck my man.
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  7. 16-01-2019, 17:08
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 16-01-2019, 17:08 • #7
    Good luck

    PTP#ZORi# Junior Application

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