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    30-01-2019, 16:47

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    In-game: Ru|xzn?

    What is your name, age and position?
    My name is Enes. I Turkey I live in Ankara. I am 17 years old.

    qwe.png How long has he been working for FFS Gaming and MTA?
    I started to mtaya in 2013, the first server which i played was freeroam. I was an admin at öne freeroam x. After that, i played at dayz server at the begining of 2014. Later i am bored and decided to find a new server for myself. My friend advice me ffs but i didnt understand anything, that why i stopped to play 2 years and now i started again and i am playing...

    qwe.png how many hours are you playing
    5 to 7 hours on weekdays, 12 hours on weekends

    qwe.png Why did you choose to be young?
    I've been playing ptp for 5-6 months, I know these ptp rules very well, now I've decided to send them a small application and I really hate the rule crackers

    qwe.png Contact:
    discord - XZN # 5372

    qwe.png Additional information (depending on):
    I love watching moies :D

    qwe.png Thank you for reading
    qwe.png /\/o-1


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    In-game: Ru|xzn?
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