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    In-game: //Polomy\\
    qwe.png//Polomy\\'s Junior Application

    qwe.pngWhat’s your name, age, and location?
    My name is Barış(mean peace in English). I was born in Adana. I am 23 years old and I live in Turkey/Bursa. I would recommend you to visit Turkey is a wonderful place.

    qwe.pngHow long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?
    I started my MTA career in 2012. I've been playing FFS since 2013 and if I don't have problems, I'll keep playing for a long time because I've become a very good friend and I love this environment. if I'm not in trouble I can continue with my FFS career for a long time.

    qwe.pngHow often do you play?
    I play every day and try to be active often. I'll let you know if there's any interference in my activation.

    qwe.pngWhy should we choose you over others as a Junior?
    I love this comunity that's why I want to improve hp arena and help people. I want to show newbies what's true/wrong. I noticed that the other players took a sample from me, they repeating me what i do. I will be like a parent for them, with this hp arena will get more player and arena will be more useful.
    I'll is very disciplined. you can rest assured.

    qwe.pngAdditional information (optional):
    Current juniors don't meet my expectations. I can explain it to you with this: When there have a rule breaker etc. We have to call hp juniors from other arenas. They are hp junior but don't even playing hp, what a ironi. Also i've read other candidate's junior applications and i see they so egoist.
    You can check my ideas about hp from

    skype: Polomy ffs

    NOTE: I know that I am not a flawless person, in case of any mistakes don't hesitate to contact me/report them.

    sincerely: qwe.png//Polomy\\
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    Re: Polomy's Junior Application 21-06-2019, 20:03 • #2
    qwe.pngUpdate 21-06-2019
    Changed info about:
    "Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?"

    Changed info about:
    "Additional information (optional):"

    Words has been deleted about old problems. (problems solved)

    qwe.pngUpdate 25-06-2019

    Added ideas about hp, you can see it in additional information.

    I hope you like.
    Thanks for reading.
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