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    What’s your name, age and location?
    My name is Emad, i'm 15 years old, i'm going to be 16 in October and i born in saudi arabia but i'm from Egypt, Elshrkya

    How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?
    I played MTA in 2012, i joined an arabic server called [Q.5], it was my first server then i played some zombie servers with time i felt bored of it then my brother invited me to play FFS I watched it from my brother account while he was playing it then after few months I played in my brother account because we were playing in the same PC so may some of you didn't know me of that, I played in my brother for 2 years I was younger and didn't know about that then i asked a play how to create account and i create account and played in 2017, I started to play FFS i joined RUN and I liked it because it have nice people and classic maps, I like them, then after few weeks I felt bored of RUN so I decided to play DM OS, I played OS not much time then I stopped it then I started playing some DM Alpha but few weeks felt bored of it again, now i started playing RUN, and playing little time in DM.

    How often do you play?
    at these days i'm going to play 3 hours only because of my school studying.

    Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?
    First of all i have 4 years experiences and only 1 junior of RUN arena so i think i can help runners and i will punish role breaker, while most of runners using bugs so they will always do it because there are no juniors online for few months in RUN Arena, there are many campers should be slapped while no admins, juniors online, i would like to help runners and want to punch who don't abide by rules, those who camping much time, those who don't abide by the rules all the time, while there is 1 junior in run it's not enough so i would help.

    Discord: WyverN#1247
    Skype: WyverN.

    Additional information (optional):
    if you want to ask me questions just contact me
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    *Fixed wrongs
    Added new contact!

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    Fixed some information.
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    Closed as requested.

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