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    02-02-2019, 15:29

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    In-game: SCROXZ~~~~

    What’s your name, age and location?

    My name is Fabricio, But in the FFS community I'm known as SCROXZ. I'm 17 years old. I'm Currently living in a city located in the south region of Brazil called Montenegro.

    How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?

    Well everything has its beginning for me was in 2014 I was bored with nothing to do when I searched the internet for a free and online game was then I discovered the MTA where I entered server as FREEROAM, DRIFT and REAL LIFE more after playing both these modes I thought of looking for something different and more interesting to have fun and pass the time, it was then that in January 2016 looking for great servers in the MTA I discovered FFS Gaming where I entered as who did not want anything and today I am an active player in DM OS.

    How often do you play?

    I play pretty much every day of the week on the server. Staying active for 3-5 hours or more. On weekends I get more active on the server, something like 4-7 hours, making me an active player in the community. I am also always active in the server forum by computer or even by cell phone.

    Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?

    Because I am an active player in the community. I already know how everything works on the server so I can help everyone a lot. I am a DM OS player more precisely in classic arenas B - C and would like to take care of those arenas that are left a bit sideways on the server. With my experience of more than 3 years in the community I think that yes I can help a lot to solve problems and leave a more organized environment in DM OS.


    Discord: SCROXZ#5554

    Additional information

    The oldshool arenas have many brazilian players and no juniors able to have a Portuguese conversation with these players, and since I am Brazilian it would be very useful. But I can also help players in English and Spanish.

    Thanks for reading,

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