1. •What is your name, nickname, age and location?: My name is Gabriel, nickname t__xxtsy, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Chile, Viña del Mar.

    •How would you be useful for us?: Shooter CW, more than anything.

    •Please indicate the arenas you are most interested in: Shooter, Trials, PTP.

    •Have you been in any other clans?: X The Band - HELL|THE|WHAT - Most_Damnation (in 2014, I think) - and more clans that I don't remember.

    •Why do you want to join us?: Nostalgia and because in this clan there are old acquaintances, and of course, to know new friends.

  2. 11-02-2019, 19:39
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    In-game: mD|Emanuel#
    Re: mD | t__xxtsy's Application 11-02-2019, 19:39 • #2
    So I'm gonna be direct with you, members had no idea who you are. No votes at all which is better than negative votes.

    -Poor application which means you didn't put effort into it or you don't speak English at all
    -You're an old player but your playtime is ~20 days which means you're a 'passive' player, since we have many busy/passive members we are aiming at Nolifers (lol)

    I hope I explained it all, you can apply after 3 weeks hopefully with a better application!
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    Will the day where I reach my purpose ever come?"

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