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    Since a week, buying premium membership via SMS payment method is twice as expensive than before.My question is whether it is a bug or price rise.

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    Re: SMS Payment Issue 09-02-2019, 21:42 • #2
    SMS donations does not transfer all amount of contributed money, there is some percentage taken off that FFS does not receive. It seems only fair to higher the price to benefit essential profit, that would come from a regular money transfer.


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    Re: SMS Payment Issue 10-02-2019, 13:16 • #3
    Recently a change to SMS payments has been made in order to solve a problem that was bothering our minds for years. SMS payments are generally subject to high fees with extreme fluctuation between 30 to 80% depending on the amount, country and currency you pay with. So far, FFS has been practically paying all these fees and it turned out to not be bearable any longer. As of now, the fees are paid by the buyer to try filter out those countries and payments which come with practically zero revenue for us. As a compensation we increased the amount of in-game money you receive to the level of PayPal payments.

    Rule of thumb: Compare the amount of Premium days you receive between PayPal and SMS to estimate the fee and whether or not it's worth it for you. Also, the more you pay, the lower the fee and more days-per-buck will you receive.

    We sincerely apologize for any confusion.

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    Re: SMS Payment Issue 10-02-2019, 15:58 • #4
    Thanks for your answer but I want to add something.I don't know how the situtation is for other countries but in my country Turkey SMS payment method is our only remedy to buy premium membership.

    After reading your post I've made some research and found out that PayPal can not be used in Turkey anymore since it has stopped it's operations in Turkey.Furthermore, things are not much different for Paysafecard either.When you buy a paysafecard here you can only use it for domestic spendings which mean you can't buy premium membership.

    We'd appreciate it if you added new payment methods or offered us a new way to buy premium membership.
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