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    mD|Katya's Aplication

    What is your name, nickname, age and location?:
    - Hello, my name is Ekaterina, in game Katya/KatyaBot, I am 17 years old and I live in Russia/Togliatti.

    How would you be useful for us?:

    - I already said that I don't have such a big lvl and I don't want to be useful. I just chose this clan and these beautiful people and I want be here.

    Please indicate the arenas you are most interested in:

    - I started playing DM recently so my favorite arenas are Old School, Delta and Gamma Jump.

    Have you been in any other clans?:

    - Meanwhile-in-Texas
    - Quarantine Regen
    - Royal Family
    - The Liberators

    Why do you want to join us?:
    - Some in this clan know many of my personal thoughts. I don't like some clans because of the behaviour of some people who hate me, but they were my friends and I thought I can trust them. I want to find my place where I'm a normal person and not be humiliated by the words "whore" "prostitute" or other words and then say that it's just a joke and do it again. I love this clan for good people like Сiffon and Danny and I can cry to them in pm and I want to say thank you to them. I made mistakes because a lot of people told me bad things about Сiffon and I did the damn report. I want to have my opinion and I've decided I don't want to hate someone if I don't know that person. I never wanted to be in the clan and many people just wanted me to play in their clan. Eleven wanted me to be in R / / and 'L but I don't like these clans for personal reasons. I'm not saying that other clans are bad and some of them helped me to find good friends with whom I'm still talking(I think some people will find themselves here :3). I'm not jumping on clans and I think I'm ready to choose this clan until the mta is still alive.

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    gl !! ^^

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    Good luck katy ......

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    Re: mD| Katya's Aplication #2 11-02-2019, 07:18 • #4
    good luck
    - D I S C O R D -



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    Hello,so deciding about you was quite hard but thanks to the people who commented "GL" in your thread and a detailed report from our psychologist Joseff we decided to give you a chance!

    Welcome to mD Family! We hope that you'll prove what you said here. Send JR in-game anytime, cya.
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    Will the day where I reach my purpose ever come?"

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