1. ►What is your name and age?;
    Hello, My name is Alexey and I live in Russia. I am 15 years old.

    ►Tell us about your MTA career?;
    I started playing MTA in 2016. Immediately I started playing on
    FFS gaming server. My first mode was trials. I have tried many modes on this server. But I liked trials more.

    ►Previous clans/groups/teams (Why did you leave them?);
    Old School Runners

    ►Why do you want to join us?;
    I want to join the clan because it's a very good clan, I have some friends in the clan: zG'J.Statham', zG'I30' and it's also a clan with skilled players, I'm not a very good player, but I'm training to be better each day. I just want a opportunity to learn and be better

    ►Your contacts(Skype or Discord); acoolkrime#2890, skype: prozadrotcs.
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    Good luck!!

  3. Re: zG'Red' 12-02-2019, 16:57 • #3
    You don't meet our requirements.
    You can try again in 2 weeks.

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