1. [1.]Name, age and location:

    My name is brayan,I am 19 years old

    [2.] Tell us about your career in MTA:

    I do not want to tell much because we never finish haha, I started playing mta since 2010 and I knew the FFS server in 2013 but I had not created any account until 2014 that I started playing it

    [3.] Rate your DM OS/WFF/Hunter skills (0-10)

    -OS 8/10
    -WFF 6/10
    -Hunter 7/10

    [4.] Previous clans (official & community):

    -Hg// (HellGamers) ~>Clan Official
    -Lp// (Legendary Players) ~> Community
    - -TNE-(The new era)~> Community Clan eliminated
    -Mr. (Mercenary Racers) ~> Community
    -sFc^(Skilled Furious Crew) ~> Community Clan eliminated
    -nG// (The New Generation) ~> Community I do not know if it was eliminated
    -TcN// (The Crisys nigth)~> Community I do not know if it was eliminated
    -ffw- (Fast Fucking War) ~> Community I do not know if it was eliminated
    -n.T (NAB Team)~> Community
    - (SuicideSquad)~> Community

    [5.] How would you be useful to us? Tell us a trait you can add to the clan:

    I am very sociable and friendly, I could recommend and represent the clan to very good players that I know, and I can help as much as I can

    [6.] Why do you want to be part of the NSP?

    I want to learn a lot from players that I have admired for a long time, and I want to play with them to learn from them and support them

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    Good Luck Bro

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