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    Criticism For All Admins
    As a player, admin is usually very influential in this game because it can solve problems and provide solutions, but unfortunately the admin now rarely still does not respond to other players who want to report a violation they ignore player reports like Camping, Racist Reports, and so on. the reporters are rarely responded by the admin now only a few admins receive the player's response, I know this because I often play maybe I play 8 days on weekdays but on Saturdays and Sundays I play 24 hours without stopping there I see a lot of complaints player, when the player wants to launch a violation of the player an admin or junior admin does not even exist. and for the admin I hope you can respond to someone who wants to complain without having to ignore them you are like a government that must hear the complaints of the people, now be a leader who is firm and fair

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    Re: For All Admins 14-03-2019, 15:16 • #2
    I play 8 days on weekdays

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    Originally Posted by Moon1
    I play 8 days on weekdays
    week only 13 day how u play 8 ?
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    Originally Posted by Subway#
    week only 13 day how u play 8 ?
    13? i thought it had 30 wtf

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    It maybe true in the case of some admins.But according to me there are only a few of them who do so.Most admins try to do their roles perfectly.

    So u cant criticise all of them....
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    Re: For All Admins 14-03-2019, 19:19 • #6
    It could just be deleted because of incorrect title and wrong format.
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