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    WyverN's Join Request

    What's your name(s), age and location?:
    My name is Emad I have 15 years old, I will be 16 in October I born in Saudi arabia but I'm from Egypt,Elshrkya.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I played MTA in 2012, i joined an arabic server called [Q.5], it was my first server then i played some zombie servers with time i felt bored of it then my brother invited me to play FFS I watched it from my brother account while he was playing it then after few months I played in my brother account because we were playing in the same PC so may some of you didn't know me of that, I played in my brother for 2 years I was younger and didn't know about that then i asked a play how to create account and i create account and played in 2017, I started to play FFS i joined RUN and I liked it because it have nice people and classic maps, I like them, then after few weeks I felt bored of RUN so I decided to play DM OS, I played OS not much time then I stopped it then I started playing some DM Alpha but few weeks felt bored of it again, now i started playing RUN, and playing little time in DM.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:
    1. Royal Gaming RG Leader left
    2. Elite Army [EA] Member - Closed
    3. Playinfinita Pi~ Leader left
    4. Rising Crew RC+ Member left
    5. Undergrond-Ghost's |uG|~> Leader - left - Closed
    6. Xtreme Victoious vX~ Founder Current

    Why do you want to join FFS?:
    This is my first application to clans i did, my dream is to join FFS while i know everything about it and while there is only 1 junior and 1 admin managing RUN Arena and if they are offline and i'm online and there is nice admins and helping admins in some staff and in somethings else i would like to be in FFS because it's my dream from a long ago helping each other is my favorite hobby, i was thinking that it's impossible to make a join request to FFS and when i join it i will have some friends and more experience in the server and i can help in testing maps, with joining -ffs- i will know much interesting information about FFS, more friends and more rules about FFS and how to manage arenas.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:
    with 4 years I got a lot of experiences in RUN i would like to manage it and take care of arabic chat because it's full of insults and take care of RUN, i would like to help because RUN famous for camping i would like to punch them and would like to help who is new in RUN i would like to explain for new players what's rules in RUN, I want to improve RUN with taking opinions of RUN players, I want to help RUN admin because i think if 1 admin of RUN isn't enough and it will be hard working of him, me and iFunnyo will manage RUN as well because we have more experiences of playing RUN and punching who rule breaker in RUN, it have most of bugs and players in it loving to abuse it while no admins so they won't care i will help all community who needs help and taking care of RUN and with more ideas we can improve RUN while nobody playing it i do my best to improve the arena with more good ideas and sharing it with runners first, i will discuss RUN problem with runners if there is, i want to be popular between players, i want to be a friend of all the community with helping each other and solving problems, find out bugs in any arena, i want to be helpful and helping in cw's and i will do my best to make RUN arena to be popular like last years, me and players will discuss RUN bugs and we will try to solution it with hard working about the bugs of it, i will do my best to improve RUN arena since it stopped to be popular like before, the buggers started camping too much because there is no admins online and they don't care of that

    Thanks for reading my theard
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