1. Hello,

    I decided to present some of my graphics here so I could organise my works in the process and put it all into one place. It will make it easier for me to present it in future.
    So, here are some of my graphics that you can check out and let me know what you think.
    Maybe I'll add more graphics here later.

    Cartoon like Graphics


    Raw Lettuce Stuff

    Other stuff

    If you would like me to do some stuff for you, you can contact me directly on forum or contact me on Discord - salfi#7315

  2. 08-04-2019, 19:34
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    Re: Some of my graphics 08-04-2019, 19:34 • #2
    Lmao that Lil Pump pic, btw those Raw Lettuces are cool!

  3. 08-04-2019, 19:53
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    Re: Some of my graphics 08-04-2019, 19:53 • #3
    Damn, logos are best!

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