1. Tell us something about yourself (name, age, location, MTA career, interests etc.).

    Hi, my name is Diego Rodriguez, I am 15 years old, I live in South America, Venezuela.

    The beginnings of my career in Multi Theft Auto, which began in 2014, was in Freeroam mode servers, so much that I liked the mods of cars and those modified tracks that put the server, take a long time on those servers. After so much time in that mode, I wanted to go to the race servers, they recommended FFS, and there in between, I just registered in 2015, seeing the amount of game modes I had inside the server, I tested myself inside of the Deathmatch game mode, after spending an incredible time, I was dominating that arena, then I started the part of my career as Mapper, creating difficult maps but from the same arena and I still continue making maps for the server.

    I have several interests, I love football, sometimes I leave home to play this sport, I also like to go to places, cinemas and, among other places, help anyone who needs help. Another interest of mine is to study, be playing on the computer, be active on my social networks and be with friends

    Have you been in any other clans (name them and state the the reason you left them)?

    Obviously I've been in several clans, I'll name the ones I can remember

    - Dominican Republic (I left because the clan did not have people)
    - Acers Xtreme Yondez (I was 2 times, but I left because people were already leaving and I had no choice but to leave the clan)
    - Colombia Team Gaming (I left it because the players that did not connect almost never)
    - New Style Potential (I have been many times in this clan, which I have abandoned because I did not want a clan at that time, I was also kicked, etc.)
    - Massive Strong (I was 2 times in the clan, only that after being away for a few months, I returned and saw that the clan died, I was just kicked in the absence, then the second time I was I left because I wanted to be without a clan)
    - Latin America Team (I left because I was going to be absent)
    - zero Gravity (I left it because whenever I connect there are no players and I feel lonely)

    I'm just alone

    What are the gamemodes you play the most and how would you rate your skills there?

    The game modes that I was in my FFS career, are Deathmatch, Hunter and Shooter. I have left Shooter on one side and continued to experience Deathmatch

    Qualifying my person in these game modes, the results are

    - DM OS [ 7/10 ]
    - Hunter [ 7 / 10 ]
    - Shooter [ 6 / 10 ]

    Why do you want to join us?

    I have thought since I saw your clan, to have a great team, I have seen how they manage their moderation, skills, and their setting, which convinced me to think about joining their community, being a player I can help, advise and demonstrate how I am, also in the Mapping part, I can help, even teach how to use such a script, I have seen that they compete in several events, which I have taken in consciousness to help lead the team in such events organized by the FFS community, I have activated a lot on the server, if something happens to me, that I can not connect for a few days, I will always leave a Skype notice

    Your skype name: XDiego

    If it has convinced you, this request has been interesting or striking, you can support me, thank you very much for reading this thread

    Greetings to all, i'm XDiego^!.

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    Re: [xRz] XDiego^'s Join Request. 19-04-2019, 20:16 • #2
    te doy un treh!
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    Re: [xRz] XDiego^'s Join Request. 19-04-2019, 20:20 • #3
    Good Luck!
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    Good luck.
    The jr is quite detailed and it's something i like a lot, the only thing that makes me a bit doubtful is the fact that you've left from many clans and in some parts i've read "I wanted to be without a clan".
    I hope you're sure this time about joining and staying in a clan, nothing against you ofc, just wanted to say my own opinion
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    gl negro !
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    Good luck bro
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    Good Luck
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  8. Re: [xRz] XDiego^'s Join Request. 20-04-2019, 04:18 • #8
    Espero que no.
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    Re: [xRz] XDiego^'s Join Request. 20-04-2019, 07:07 • #9
    Good luck
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    Re: [xRz] XDiego^'s Join Request. 20-04-2019, 15:11 • #10
    good luck with xRz
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