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    Lucky Seven - Outcome

    Fourth season of Lucky Seven is over and we're happy to announce prizes. Standing after tours 32-39 makes XpR the winner of Season 5, congratulations! It's nice to say that we've got 4 different winners in 5 seasons, meaning we have many competitive teams that have chances to win next season.



    Clan prizes

    Naval and CascaDe leading in top-30 leaderbord pretty much made XpR win whole season. These two managed to score less than 21 points only in two games together, while neither of them scored less than 13 points.
    XpR team showed impressive statistics: top-7 of XpR members took 1st, 2nd, 11th, 17th, 25th, 48th and 58th place in leaderbord. Positions of FFS that took 2nd place spread in similar way: 3rd, 4th, 28th, 44th, 53rd and 57th.
    While for example xN members are spread way more compact: 9th, 10th, 19th, 23rd, 34th, 41st and 50th. Finally, 7M members are even more compact: 6th, 8th, 12th, 18th, 22nd, 39th and 62nd.

    Top-7 winning clan members that participated and earned points, get 500 000 ingame money:
    Nickname: Points:
    Naval 184
    CascaDe 172
    Mixhet 97
    Ronnie 84
    Zeke 62
    Gteatero 28
    Goku 18

    Personal standings prizes:

    Impressive run for Naval, who made 184 points in 7 games. That's 13 points more than in previous season, and 3 positions higher.
    Massive improvement from Cascade who scored only 95 points in previous season - however totally expectable, considering his WFF 18 win.
    Same about Crystal, who scored 97 points last season. Being in tough situation, he managed to pull out the maximum of his team and get into finals.
    Ronalso also scored 2x points comparing to last season, while Infinity and DRiVeR opposite scored less.

    MVP gets 3 000 000 ingame money, 3 months of donator status
    Nickname: Points:
    Naval 184

    2nd and 3rd players get 2 000 000 ingame money, 2 months of donator status
    Nickname: Points:
    CascaDe 172
    Crystal 162

    4th to 7th players get 1 000 000 ingame money, 1 month of donator status
    Nickname: Points:
    Ronaldo 150
    InfiNity 143
    DriVeR 133
    Tomas 120

    8th to 10th players get 750 000 ingame money
    Nickname: Points:
    Foxik 116
    Facuzz 109
    Ryder 109

    Other prizes

    Winners of betting get 500 000 ingame money:
    Nickname: Points:
    VonKasty 102
    CascaDe 89
    SherazPapi 89
    Aeron 83

    By results of season 4, FoXX and TFF were out, while Uff, 7B, MT and INT joined the league. It was nice to see new teams cooperating well, even though we won't see Uff and 7B in next season.
    We have qualification games ongoing, and based on them we will figure out format of next season and teams that participate. If your clan would like to participate in qualifications and next season - contact us.

    Organizers get 500 000 ingame money and special thanks for their dedication and being collaborative:
    Nickname: Clan:
    Adidas xN
    RoNNiE XpR
    Crystal FFS
    Madlife 7M
    Aeron MAD
    d1Kuba Uff
    Viskuz 7B
    Tomas iW
    Joules INT
    Minato MT

    Special thanks and additional reward goes to our most active players who were available in each game in last two seasons.

    Players who earned points in all the games from tour 23 to 39, get 1 000 000 ingame money:

    MVP and maps statistics won't really surprise anyone: all the same players are leading. Can mention major improvement by Crystal who won 19 maps in season 4 and 32 in season 5.

    MVP in tours 32-39:
    4 - CascaDe
    3 - InfiNity, Naval, Ronaldo
    2 - Crystal, DRiVeR, Ryder
    1 - Flash, Allcapone, Foxik, xecN, Tomas, WalK, Miha, Karney, Sektor, d1Kuba, Aeron, Facuzz

    Maps won in tours 32-39:
    42 - Naval
    38 - CascaDe
    32 - Crystal
    29 - Ronaldo
    26 - InfiNity
    20 - DRiVeR, Flash
    19 - Tomas
    18 - Foxik, Facuzz, Viskuz
    17 - Ryder
    14 - Sektor

    Referees in tours 32-39:
    6 - Robert_M
    4 - Foxik
    3 - Terry, Bari, Viskuz, Zeke
    2 - DonJohn, Anus
    1 - Danx, DRiVeR, Madlife, Tadeusz, Helios

    We prepare to start new season somewhen in first week of august, so what do they say... stay tuned for season 6!

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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 11:49 • #2
    Well played everyone
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  3. 07-06-2019, 11:50
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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 11:50 • #3
    Well played and GG XpR as always ;p

  4. 07-06-2019, 12:13
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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 12:13 • #4
    -ffs-Rilexx :ddddd

  5. 07-06-2019, 13:04
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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 13:04 • #5
    its really nice to see my name next to wff gods like Naval, CascaDe or DRiVeR. Wasn't a bad run until the last 2 matches for me -_-
    Once again gratz XpR, impressive statistics, didnt expect honestly that ill be the xn kid with most points (smd facuz).
    See you next season!

  6. 07-06-2019, 13:07
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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 13:07 • #6
    Congrats to TOP 3 Teams! This season was really nice! Masterpiece Naval and Cascade! Vamo, see you on next season!

  7. 07-06-2019, 13:14
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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 13:14 • #7
    NaBaL eL mEjOr
    CaScAdE eL mEjOr
    Mixhet el Mix Het
    xn rats

  8. 07-06-2019, 14:18
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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 14:18 • #8
    not bad for an OK performance

    gz xpr

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    Re: L7 - Outcome 07-06-2019, 14:44 • #9
    I would like to congratulate to Xtreme Pro Racers for Became the new L7 Champs, Well done guys! You did a great campaign.
    To my FFS Bois, Head in the top always! Sadly the final game went against you but you always will be my champs, Good job for that 2nd Place!
    And for xN as Relax said.. rats!

    For my part its sad how i lost the bettings part, i risked so much with the results and one of the problem was i can't see properly how the teams were playing and etc etc but next season i will come to win it!
    An adition is also sad to see that i hadn't be part of the Referees for the first time ever, you noticed already that my warrior(my pc) passed away months ago, im looking forward for a new one btw, migh the next upcoming weeks will arrive some news. Once it happens for sure i will help again in Referee taskses!

    Nevertheless, What a season it was and i hope next one is going to be much better! See ya ^^

    Yours Sincerelly,
    TheDragoN - MTA SA Race Community Referee!

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