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    Definition of Destruction Derby:

    In this gamemode you have only one goal: be the last man alive! You can accomplish this goal by pushing everyone else into the water. When a player falls down to the water, he dies instantly. There are different maps, you have to learn them all to master your DD skills. Good luck in hunting!


    In this arena you have ONE life so there is NO respawn. Last man alive wins the round, then next map is starting, new chances to take. This is classic Destruction Derby.

    • Number of Players: 32
    • Map count: 44
    • Ping limit: 300
    • Respawn: DISABLED
    • Teaming(allies): ALLOWED

    Current maplist

    Classic xDD:
    In this arena you have UNLIMITED life so there is RESPAWN. One kill equals 1 point, one death equals -1 point. So basically this room is based on your K/D (Kills/Deaths) Ratio. The higher ratio you get, the bigger your chances are to win the round. This gamemode is recommended for newcomers who need to train the basics of this gamemode, and for adrenalin junkies who love to play against the clock and do risky moves.

    • Number of Players: 24
    • Map count: 17
    • Ping limit: 250
    • Respawn: ENABLED
    • Teaming(allies): NOT ALLOWED

    Current maplist

    It's an abbreviation of Fun Destruction Derby or you may know it as Random Luck. When you pass through the marker it will give you a random vehicles.

    • Number of Players: 32
    • Map count: 10
    • Ping limit: 350
    • Respawn: DISABLED
    • Teaming(allies): NOT ALLOWED

    Current Maplist

    Rules and Punishments:

    • Respect ping and fps (min.: 40) limitations.
    • Respect non-teaming arena and do not team up with others.
    • Do not abuse your ping or fps, gaining unfair advantage in such ways are not tolerated.
    • Do not ask other players to let you win.
    • Do not camp.
    • Do not avoid fights (running from a team in 1v2, 1v3 situations do not count as avoiding fights).
    • Do not avoid being killed by leaving the arena.

    All the listed rules above are punishable by DD Staff, including Juniors and Members in case of a rulebreaking. Please respect the rules and don't get into trouble. If someone is still going against the rules, he has to cope with the consequences (getting banned). Welcome on FFS DD, enjoy your time!


    • Topkills feature has been added.

    • Cross arena maplist has been updated, providing DDers a better experience, with only the best and most popular maps. Including all cw maps, all the other classic maps and some fresh ones.

    • Increased ping limit in xDD arena from 200 to 250 in order to allow more players to play there.

    • Added 11 more maps to Cross arena.

    • Added a new arena: FDD

    Sincerely Yours,
    Head of DD and DD Juniors
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