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    Free Premium
    for 9 days
    2x Points & Cash
    excl. Stuntage
    Who Shoots First 2
    Shooter Tourney
    New Trials
    New Slaves

    9 - that's almost a decade of countless Gamers going desperately after the Hunter, pushing others into the water or even assassinating Presidents! More than 9 million Toptimes have been recorded across all modes, around 2.2 million kills made on Demolition Derby and over 150,000 Presidents slain during those years - with no end in sight!

    The reason we call our anniversaries "Birthdays" instead of plain "Anniversaries" is rooted in the very nature of FFS as a Gaming Community. We are not just a company that offers certain services to its customers. What you, even as a casual Gamer, enjoy on our Server nowadays, would not have been possible without the selfless contributions of thousands of people just like you! Yes, it is a Birthday for everyone of us. And because Birthdays must not lack a few gifts, we are giving away 9 days of Free Premium to everyone together with a tasty 2x Bonus on Cash & Points. Happy Birthday!

    *Only in-game Premium features, only for registered users


    The long-awaited gamemode is finally scheduled to launch! Tomorrow, on June 30, 2019, 19:00 (CEST) the new Arena will be made available to the public. Members will receive Early Access several hours prior.

    An amazing job has been done by our Developer PLASMA and Former Developer LuXorioN. Minigames is bringing together the joy of simply playing random modes, together with the competitiveness of Royal League and various statistics. 'Nuff said - check it out yourself!

    Server Updates

    As we are talking about Server Updates, there are also several minor improvements to be announced:

    Training You can now change your spawn using mousewheel
    ClanWars Reduced practising time from 30 to 10 minutes before CW to increase capacitiy
    ClanWars CW Fee ($75k) is no longer refunded when CW request is declined
    RUN Fixed so called "Jump Bug" exploit that allowed players to run faster - all Toptimes are being reset
    General Added Thai language chat
    Trials Reduced hurry time from 60 to 30 seconds
    WFF CW Fixed an issue where only the first player reaching Hunter would receive rewards
    Trials CW Fixed an issue where Trials mode would not load on some maps
    On a side note, an eastern european coding slave is dilligently working on catapulting FFS into a whole new World. But that's all we can say for now!

    Who Shoots First 2

    It has been almost 3 years since our last Shooter tournament and this year we decided to give it another go. With the kind help of MisterQuestions, we were able to overcome several technical burdens which kept us from holding an event in the last years. Together with respawn, you will have to individually score as many kills as possible in a given timeframe. Whoever gains the most successful kills wins the match! Do not hestitate to participate, even if you are not a die-hard Shooter player. Oh and we also have a Grand Prize:

    30 € Steam Gift

    More information will soon be posted in a separate announcement.

    Lucky 7: Season 5

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory this time, we have Xtreme pro Racers. This may come to no one's surprise. However, their dominance was far from unchallenged as every team came to win, so their victory was very much a deserving one.

    With that said, we would like to congratulate them on their win in Lucky 7 Season 5. We would also like to congratulate Naval, who yet again cemented his legacy by accomplishing 1st place on the personal top-30 leaderboard, with his teammate CascaDe hot on his tail.

    Some obstacles presented to the teams this season include the introduction of the play-off stages; and the removal of tiers, which tested the teams against each other in competition for the top-2 spots in their groups. That being said, next season is coming just a month later.

    Xtreme Pro Racers

    FFS Gaming
    Nitrous Racing

    Lucky 7 DM: Season 2

    We're glad to announce that Season 2 of Lucky 7: DeathMatch has already concluded, with yet another victory for FFS Gaming following our win in previous Season 1. To thank for this victory, FFS has ArMexy, FreaK, Krlos, Beast, Ronaldo, Dice*, Tony, AnUs, xDarK1nG, Crystal, VonDusky, Marque, Swifty and DaNiel, who have put their time and effort into making the team succeed this time around.

    Xtreme pro Racers was the team that had the best chances to win going into Season 2 of L7 DM, but we were lucky enough to finish ahead of them. Nitrous Racing finished third and Seventh Miracle followed in fourth position. Words of thanks to all teams that participated in the tournament. We had our fair share drama and jokes, but what matters the most, is that we all had fun. Qualifications to next season are currently being played, and we're preparing to officially start by the end of July.

    FFS Gaming

    Xtreme pro Racers
    Nitrous Racing

    New Trials

    First of all, we would like to say thanks to our former members xDarK1nG, Krlos, Dice*, Marque, Beast (DM Team), Magik (Race Squad), KaroKarcsi & Kowak (both DD Team) that were part of our team until recently, but are out now. Our main goal remains keeping the team active, with its members contributing to server activity and performance in competitive scene - along with mature behavior and Respect towards fellow players. With that in mind, we welcome quite a bunch of new Trials.

    Welcome aboard, new WFF Team members:

    We accept two DM Team members:

    And Trials that are not bound to competitive activity:


    Special Thanks to PREDATOR
    RonaldoMoonPolomyalinElevenSeKaToRCIFFONDice*DaNielEyecatcherAnUsZeptoLuna^MelihMoonLorDAdidasMaRTiN#MarveLN3zAXZoiloATr1XPREDATORHediRevolcee}~MagnetIsGhIchigo#ArMexyKoiNDziugass#FIXER#BaZooKa^Subwayx)AeronLeviosaThoriNEvVoZ#Vuuaakew0Sonny#HawK#XDiego^LimBoKrlosSupeR^M3ssi!B0M^.^AsentrixTailsHamoriAgressiv#Robert_MVitalicAbdulaziz al galladTadeusz^MicraMert#TheDragoN~LuminaireZseryABC'SDMNK#MaNiCPegasusSandwaveZAtomaticJake#Francis#KripzorKuroenInspraNebla.chiboubReduszCankyKracK!xOJHVISHALVULTUREXZeRoN!KarezmaEnfozer#Mrrko1SheldoNSmoK!KONASKahmedbsOpticQashqaiAnwixSuhaibZ!R/\CER#DonJohnKennal!#CookieANTAR!xLessSpeedEditorMTAProx^DanxAwayKhydRaSackOne*SHlegendTONY#MRAhmedSt0pr0c3NTGrelek331AleX^RilexxLosmistormiDryStonnersKhaled#!L1L1NoNameZ[J]aGuAr[R]IceIceHardyBROSLYLookaTR4NDY^Tirnanojuzekxd1337Asency#ZORiAvidragosescu45KowakH4TTYEmixF0XY1DreamDanceA7MDzKamenStuntPoolTeavonLUZIDzGxtreme1gothRemiX*KukkiRyDeRWyverN.bauoGrzybeKMayrouAlcatrazHiImSyrusSKYL1NE*#Donat1k!Noc^CveleAtilaxVonDuskySashankeBLTZ*Joaovski^Brokenz.Aywy!danilpdMeraxes*AtmacaCascaDeChaos'loldodSunsetUSStony*Sky#PunisherWonderReigeNMegaFreeN~LeoN#Fars#VonKastyDiatroNcatayStartsevaJose909korayreyiz#DANXTRSperkZ#MRGhostm1a2m3Onur*ZackRLewnOsoS#K1SS_ME^L3id!ZeRoXy!VFordVentrax.thenicoDSLDNK^#Mor0^Rex47TrendsAyoublNinJawonAkromZ!kawazakiLoudAsMiceNocturnJeremaYastarsetKFC~com![X]1stunt1lifeSoldie[R]Victory*R!der*GerixAbodyRulezRU.TonyNox23mkjagersLumb^HomyatolCassioomer3527~BlooDy~SopNaw#DR3AM3RStorm!Hard23NatsuReleased.SeNaVortex#Risen_44PerverseRooquue-HaLeYJoeL-KaM!#NekoSrunweldxRoBywolf7887xMESKALINMartinBenjazZor0^UltraZzAy7oELeMMeNThamodi1*Destiny#PowerRulez_SETH ROLLINSW1NST0Nrayen112JoeeWanted001iFunnyoSamIXifouadSekiR#LegendStr!k3rMoHaMMaD[SP]AWNXimeriRampageMegaFireEthaN//WalKCristiaN^^YvetteAnitaa#RedMohaChaoticJhonataN!Alimahmuod1100AwakoenigseggNunchakuerxd2k1000MircearoaseEdepsizG0PR0MagnuM0123PixerLUCIDMexicoCoFFee!Lykia!Anouar1969KrimEssoviusMerusadnane475edesbaba1 

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    Happy Birthday, FFS!

    It feels nice to see such an improvement in your team, well done. I would like to congratulate each individual for making it, you surely deserved it. And to those who didn't make it, there is always another chance. Believe in yourself, well done once again and never give up!
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    Happy Birthday FFS!!
    Congratulations to all new trials, welcome to the team !!
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    Happy Birthday FFS! Congratulations to the new trials.

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    Ufff WSF <3

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    CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! Happpy Birthday
    Hunter General Rules & Commands

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    Happy birthday ffs!
    Congratulations to the new trials

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    Happy birthday, gz @LonneX-C bro and others
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    Happy Birthday! And congrats to all of you!

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