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    What's your name(s), age and location?:

    My name is Denis, 21, Azerbaijan

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:

    I began playing Multi Theft Auto in the middle of 2013, more than 5 years ago. For the first time, my friends called me to play on a DayZ server. The first race-based server I joined was SHC server. I played on it for a long time, met some interesting people who later called me to play on FFS. I went to the server and decided to play shooter, but because of personal problems I had to leave the game. Returned in 2014.There's nothing that can beat this game. I enjoy the fact that you can connect, play, and communicate freely with people all around the world. That's why I’m still here. I changed my mind about my gamemode and decided to try myself in DeathMatch. I became a known player in the Russian community. My first unofficial clan was "Yeow Team", I started playing on clanwars and became MVP player in my team. Before that, I didnt know that there are so-called official clans. My first official clan was "FaZe Team" , I became an important player in this clan aswell, but after staying there for about 2 months it closed. A year later, I found a new team for myself, called Saints Gaming. I was very inspired by the leaders of this clan who supported me all the time. Thanks to our endeavors, we achieved great results in the our clanwars . My hunter skills were pretty weak, so I started to train hard, more and more and later on I felt the results of my work. I showed them (my skills) in a tournament, held by Zenosyne, and won several matches, became an important player for my team once again. At the moment I consider myself one of the good hunter players. As for the clan, I think it was the best clan in which I was pleased to stay, however after 2 years it closed because the leader of the clan, WazeR retired. In 2018, one of my friends called me to write a join request to Vultaic Team. Later I decided to close my application (because of personal reasons) and try to join another one clan called "Seventh Miracle". I was accepted for my first attempt. Here I was a wff os and a dm hunter player. On wff os I started to make good progress and became good wff os player in this clan. In dm hunter clanwars I didn’t take part, since I lost my interest in playing them. Day by day, I focused to improve my wff os skills.
    At the same time i became a famous player outside of the FFS. In 2018 I decided to take part in the Draft os tournament, after 30 games, I became a relevant player (top 3). I tried to play every game to take the best place and achieve amazing results.In the end of 2018, I had the opportunity to be the captain of the Russian team in the old school tournament ( iOS ). Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my results at the wff os tournament, I started to train the maps a week before the tournament, so I thought that I wouldn’t even reach the 1/8 final, but oh, a miracle, during the game I showed a great performance, and I passed as first to the 1/8 final. In the next game I played very well again, and made it to the quarter-finals. It seems quite a good result xD.in 2019 I became captain of the Russian team, we won several matches together. there were so many funny moments. Thanks to my achievments i feel encouraged to try to join one of the most famous clans in MTA.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

    FaZe! Team FaZe! (member) (closed)
    Saints Gaming St. (member) (closed)
    Xtreme players [XP] (member) (closed)
    Seventh Miracle 7m (member) (left)

    Why do you want to join FFS?:

    Being an Admin is my main goal in this server. One of the reasons that I decided to make this join request is because that Hunter has only one administrator, I'd like to take care to Hunter more closely. Also I could carefully take care of OldSchool arena and clean from rule-breakers.I have already proposed several ideas and reported bugs in server.
    My experience is something that I already received with my journey as a Junior, I built a person in this arena.Another reason why I want to join you, because FFS the biggest community on MTA. The clan itself is full of really nice people, I just like the community and the server is really special to me with all those unique arenas. I'm constantly online for the whole day. This community loves their players, cares about them and the most important, listens to them. So being in FFS would be a great opportunity to help and improve this community. As far as you know, junior rights heavily prejudiced and I cant fully realize the maintenance of order on the server.I think I can be a great addition to the team, someone who knows , how to handle comprehensive situations.With my experience as a dm os players I think I can be very useful on WFF (OS) CWs and L7. I’m that one guy who often takes CWs too serious and who actually trains before a match.I usually prepare well for a match and try to motivate other players.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:

    I can manage the community and server without any problem, I have a lot of experience that I have learned during my career. I would like to take care of rule breakers and forum/in-game reports. I'm able to speak 3 different languages: Russian, Azerbaijani and English, it would not be a problem to understand players. Making the atmosphere nice and enjoyable for everyone. As for the forum, I'd keep the it clean and I could also handle reports. For a long time I refereed the games,so i can be assist in organizing or playing tournaments and clanwars. My 2nd goal would be to focus on the Russian side of the server, since there are many inadequate players , for whom I could punish more carefully being an admin. I have some ideas to improve the gameplay in this server.I'm a mapper, so i can test/fix maps. But the most important goal for me is to become a good example of behavior for the younger generation.
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