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    What is Minigames?

    Minigames is an arena which consists of many smaller gamemodes to keep the gameplay dynamic and refreshing. From driving random vehicles, climbing and running to heigths up to shooting your way to victory. Fun and entertainment is main goal of this arena

    Current Gamemodes:

    • Sumo Survival
    • Hay
    • Fallout
    • The Cube
    • Gun Game
    • Run the Bomb
    • Random Car Race

    If you want to share your creative work on ffs you can create maps to the following gamemodes:

    • Sumo Survival
    • Gun Game
    • Run the Bomb
    • Random Car Race

    Sumo Survial:

    • Minimum spawn positions: 32
    • Spawns must be 2~3 meters above ground for heavy vehicles
    • Decent sized map for small and big vehicles
    • You can place repair/nos - vehicle change is forbidden

    Gun Game:

    • Minimum spawn positions: 32
    • Place Peds for spawnpoints like in RUN maps
    • Don't place any pickups

    Run the Bomb:

    • Minimum spawn positions: 32
    • Stick to the same vehicle for each player on spawn
    • Don't add spots to easily camp

    Random Car Race:

    • Minimum spawn positions: 1
    • Stick to the same vehicle for each player on spawn
    • Add colored checkpoints to map:
      • Blue #0000FF99 = random car
      • Yellow #FFFF0099 = random boat
      • Red #FF000099 = random aircraft
    • Make sure the map or certain parts can be driven by any given vehicle

    Where do I submit?

    Once you finished creating your map and you think it's good enough for FFS, send Tails a message in Discord Tails#4694 with your map. After gathering some amount of maps, we will take a look. Happy mapping!
    Gamespy alternative: http://333networks.com/


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    Re: Minigames: Mapping Guidelines 31-07-2019, 11:58 • #2
    From now on, please send your maps to Tails#4694 on Discord - including those which have already been sent to PLASMA.

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