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    OldSchool WFF Tournament

    As far as most of you know our clan, Code ''Sierra'', originally was made as a team of tournament makers and referees in Shooter mode. The clock is ticking, time is running and we next to it. By this time we have grown a lot and expanded our knowledge in different gamemodes, so we decided not to stop only in one point which is Shooter but also make tournaments in other arenas.

    It's spin a while since our team is up on the rails and finally, we would like to introduce you our first OldSchool Who Finish First tournament that will be hosted in our private server.

    How can I register to the tournament?

    Right below, in comments, you should provide information that is needed for registration in this tournament. Make sure you use correct format, otherwise your application will be ignored and won't be registered!
    Serial number:
    Clan Name:
    Contact information:
    What about prizes?

    As far as you understand we are not making an official tournament that includes badge awards in forum or premium status in ffs server just because we are unable to do that. But there must be some kind of awards to motivate you, right? We decided to buy premium status and make some small deposits to the best of three.

    3€ Premium 5€ Premium 2€ Premium
    750,000$ Deposit 1,000,000$ Deposit 500,000$ Deposit


    We have spent a while searching for good and smooth maps that hopefully will be good enough for you to enjoy and get the best of experience.



    Do not spam, insult or provoke another contestant for any reason.
    If anyone is caught cheating/hacking in any way, he will be disqualified.
    In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be blown up.
    Skipping vehiclechange pickups is not allowed.
    Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed.
    Doing roof parts as forward is allowed.
    Driving backward parts forward is allowed.
    Pressing the nos late is allowed. Doing the fast jump as much as you don't cut a big part is allowed.
    There are no hunter fights.
    Second offense to the rules will result in disqualification.


    Registration will be closed on the 10th of July at 20:00 by CEST

    I would like to thank @LUZID for making such a great header and helping with maplist. Also big shout out to @Relax for sending us all those maps.

    cS| Leadership
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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:04 • #2
    Nickname: Vitalic
    Serial number: 87E05699C77267F6627CF371644321E2
    Clan Name: Time To Shine
    Contact information: Discord: Vitalic#7366

    1st place L7 OS Tour 5.
    2nd place L7 OS Tour 4.


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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:06 • #3
    Serial number: EE1BBE2F8BF4C7688AACCE0BDA75BA54
    Clan Name: Massive Strong
    Contact information: DC:Revolcee#6162
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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:07 • #4
    We hope you like the Maps we decided for you! Lets have a great Tournament!

  5. 05-07-2019, 23:09
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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:09 • #5
    Nickname: Moon'L
    Serial number: F327DC2DB338635F6A1A00313EE17F43
    Clan Name: The Liberators
    Contact information: (Discord) Moon#3189

  6. 05-07-2019, 23:11
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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:11 • #6
    Serial Number:0D05C166489CAD87E636223831F14844
    Clan Name:
    Contact information:Essovius#2065
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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:11 • #7
    Can you check date of the match please?!
    We're on 5th July HAHA

    ARRIBA !!

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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:11 • #8
    Nickname: N3zAX
    Serial number: 541F7CCF1443BC1A5AF5F887EF486FB2
    Clan Name: Essence-of-Speed
    Contact information: Skype: talisa1966, Discord: N3zAX#6085
    Faced with difficulties, you can't give up, run. You must assess the situation, seek solutions and believe that everything is being done for the better. Patience is the key to victory.

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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:19 • #9
    Nickname: LonneX
    Serial number: 66832CE1072E27A7AD62945ACBE79753
    Clan Name: Essence of Speed
    Contact information: skype | lonnex-mta
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    Re: OldSchool WFF tournament Code ''Sierra'' 05-07-2019, 23:29 • #10
    Nickname: SmoK
    Serial number: F5AC8D0498B00BA0CF69337E2C8DB4F4
    Clan Name: The Liberators
    Contact information: you have it

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