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    Shooter Squad
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    Nickname(s) of the player(s): Sn*
    Account(s) of the player(s) (With the link to the account.):
    - https://ffs.gg/members/202238-nawaf502
    Infringement: Abusing ping
    Date and Time (optional): 6.7.2019 , 13:00
    Screenshots or/and Videos:


    Translated Text (if applicable):
    Additional Comments:

    - https://ffs.gg/threads/76357-Reporti...-ping-in-CW%21
    - https://ffs.gg/threads/72777-Reporti...-ping-in-CW%21
    Has been reported many times for abusing ping (5 times) , and i think this time should be pernament. As Joe said, if he repeat it gonna be pernament.

    He received 7 warnings from opponent team, and he continued to play like no one warned him.

    I have nothing to add, everything's clear.
    @PREDATOR , @Joee

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    Re: Reporting Sn* for Abusing ping! 06-07-2019, 15:22 • #2
    I played in front of this person several times,I warn him every time, But he sticks to the unclear excuses.
    But if you notice his ping changes alot of times.
    Just try to record him while he shoot

  3. 06-07-2019, 16:11
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    Re: Reporting Sn* for Abusing ping! 06-07-2019, 16:11 • #3
    These ping spikes are completely random, as far as I know abusing something is more like taking an advantage of something to get an upper hand against your enemy, while the clips are showing him having these spikes while he's out of combat, don't you think that if he wants to abuse his ping he'll abuse it while he's actually trying to kill someone? Talking logically. Also, the clips are not showing him teleporting or having any sort of advantage, so why numbers that are changing occasionally are bothering you even though they are not impacting the gameplay?
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    Re: Reporting Sn* for Abusing ping! 06-07-2019, 19:24 • #4
    If you are responsible for these problems and treat them ..
    Why did not he expel him from the clan war after giving him the necessary warnings for that?
    Also, if you do not expel him after the first warning, he will not care about what you said because he did not see the problem in himself, and he is sure if the problem is so big.
    He will come out of the clan war without a question
    Like when you expelled me from the war I had just before
    When I was kicked out for the second time I stopped playing and my ping was up and down and I was not following him because I was integrated into the game
    And also sn perfectly like me was just integrated into the game and did not feel that his ping was as high as I felt
    just don't forget that you are junior of shooter ^_^
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  5. 06-07-2019, 20:45
    Head of Shooter

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    Re: Reporting Sn* for Abusing ping! 06-07-2019, 20:45 • #5
    Although the provided videos do show Sn's ping somewhat high but that is normal for SA, but in addition to the few lag spikes, Sn will only receive this last strict warning to either stabilize his ping or avoid playing. Next time won't be tolerated.

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