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    When were you banned:
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    What was the reason for your ban:
    account sharing
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    For how long have you been banned :
    15 day
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    Who banned you: @Chrome
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    Additional text:
    As well I took a ban of 15 days out of nowhere without reporting. Server good, and this one. You are playing and give you BAN without you doing anything. I never shared my account with anyone ever, I just changed the nick just inside the game. I live putting donator in this shit, and on top still go there and give you BAN without doing anything!
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    Re: Unban Request - Boryan @Chrome 20-07-2019, 01:27 • #2
    you are doing an unban request and you continue insulting in this post ... I would recommend you to control your vocabulary more ... they would have to wait for the administrator who has the proofs ... not to be discussing.

  3. 20-07-2019, 16:58
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    Re: Unban Request - Boryan @Chrome 20-07-2019, 16:58 • #3
    you have shared ur accounts with a lot of people. and you got this @omer3527 account who left the game, this account was the guy from turkey.

    here are the proofs; https://imgur.com/a/C04DpxD

    PS: any admin can correct me if I'm wrong.


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