1. ntroduce yourself (name,age,nationality,location):Mohamed-16-egypt-cairo
    Your MTA career (when and where you have started playing MTA):i am starting playing mta in 2016-in my laptop
    Have you been in any other clans? if yes mention them:LEGEND ONLINE
    How would you be useful to the team?:i will play clan war and win and i will playing every day
    How would you rate your skills in Oldschool/Alpha?:I will build my skills because I will be interactive. I am a professional player
    Why do you want to join us?:bacause i have a best friends in this clan and i love this clan and i will build my skills
    How to contact you? *Skype,Discord*:discord
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  2. 25-07-2019, 15:04
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    In-game: nspSkrxx
    Re: HeRo's JR 25-07-2019, 15:04 • #2
    this is so short jr but Good luck

    and i didn't see u every day ?

  3. 03-08-2019, 21:33
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    Re: HeRo's JR 03-08-2019, 21:33 • #3
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