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    Santa Claus is coming early this year and he is bringing you a long awaited gamemode - Roleplay. This is the most popular gamemode in MTA and it's high time for FFS to release its own. We are bringing you a new take on Roleplay with several unique features. Let's go through them.


    Our Roleplay is situated in the city of San Fierro and surrounding countryside as shown on the map. The city of San Fierro is dense and diverse, which helps us keep players together and bolster interactions.


    Almost everything in the game can be bought and interacted with. Whether you want to buy a house, apartment, business, garage or perhaps the airport... you can. Houses and apartments will serve as your home where you spawn. You can go inside their interior and even invite other players. Or you can go full Warren Buffet and start buying businesses to collect their income. Or maybe you want to buy something special just to show how much of a baller you are.


    In most RP servers, roads are unnaturally empty and you feel like you are in a post-apocalyptic world without people. No more. For the first time ever in MTA, we will have traffic bots powered by smart-ish AI that drive peacefully amongst real players all around San Fierro and make the city feel alive.

    Special thanks to Micra for creating the video on short notice


    Working in a job is probably what you'll be doing most of the time to earn money. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs to choose from:

    • Trucking
    • Police
    • FBI
    • Military
    • Government
    • Security
    • Hospital
    • Fire Department
    • Taxi
    • Courier
    • Italian Mafia
    • Russian Mafia
    • Triads
    • Jizzy's
    • Waste Management
    • Pizza Delivery
    • Church of Sniperology
    • Cemetery
    • Mechanic

    Jobs have multiple positions where you can climb ranks by collecting EXP relevant to that job. For example, Police and FBI use PoliceEXP while Russian and Italian Mafia use CrimeEXP.

    Roleplay uses the same money as other arenas. So if you want to race in Deathmatch arena and spend the money on Roleplay properties, or you want to work in Military and buy some cool headlights in Race... you can!


    Missions are an important part of every job. They require that you accomplish tasks within a time limit to earn reward. You can do drug deals, burglary, extortion racket, pizza delivery, drive trucks, be an assassin for hire, prostitute, transport patients to hospital, put out fires, collect garbage, transport money to banks, drive hearse, patrol or much more...

    Special thanks to Micra for creating the video on short notice


    To get around San Fierro, you can use vehicles provided by your employer. Alternatively, you can use vehicles parked all around for a small fee. But if you want to travel in style in your own vehicle, you can purchase it in one of several showrooms. Be careful, if you leave your vehicle parked outside then it may get damaged while you are offline, so don't forget to get an insurance. If you own a property with garage, you can park your vehicles and safely store them.


    If you don't follow the law, your wanted level increases. Once you are caught by the police, you get sent to the prison similar to Alcatraz where you have to serve your time... or try to escape.


    Roleplay will launch today, but that's only the beginning. We are aware that our gamemode is not as fully featured as we want, so we will keep expanding it with new properties, jobs, missions and features as time goes on.

    Best regards,
    Gustavo Fring of MTA
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    Glad you found time to work on this baby, it's been started years ago and I can't believe you managed to develop it this far in a few months. Great job!
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    first comment gg nice work

    edit : =(
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    1st place L7 Season 2
    1st place L7 Season 3
    1st place L7 OS Tour 5

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    0_0 really we will see, anyways good work i hope the roleplay to be enjoyable.
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    uf nice!
    i want job trucker :]

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    Finally congratz ffs devolopers !!
    When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not even see the one that has always been opened for us.by; FiNN

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    No PTP v2?!?!?

    xdd jokes aside, seems to be a good update. Good work
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    Roleplay > Next level

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    You did a really good job in the past years. Roleplay gonna smash everything, I'm sure about that.

    I've never had so much fun on wasting money =]


    @\Leopoldo// how are you feeling now after depositing 70m+ into clans?
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