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    Hello people of the internet!

    I know some ideas might have already been suggested, but I wanted to make another thread and maybe suggest soe ideas, that you also find attractive and useful.
    Alright, so let's start off with the very first idea that came up into my mind when I've played some hours.

    I was doing my daily job as a prostitute and realized how chaotic the road traffic is. Everyone is driving however they want, it doesn't matter if you crash someone or drive on the wrong side. Kinda doesn't really make fun when you want to satisfy your customers as a prostitude, really guys, they pay less.
    However, back to the idea, I was thinking of buying a driving license in addition with a small driving test in which you f.e have to stop at amount X traffic lights and drive trough a small Parkour.

    About the costs, I was thinking about a prize which is 5.000$ or even higher.
    This way, people would have to work and spend their money and not everyone is able to drive.
    Might as well add some kind of search function for the police so people can illigally drive cars or so.

    Possible vehicles people can get a driving license for:
    • Cars / Bike (or seperate it)
    • Trucks
    • Boats
    • Planes

    One more idea I was thinking of, but has already been suggested by f.e @IMPACT<~ is the fuel System.
    I personally find this idea very good and it makes it all realistic.
    This way people once again have to work and spend their money. In addition to that, Gas Station owners could get some sort of small benefit.
    About the prize, I was thinking about 100$ for a full tank and 50$ whe it's f.e half empty/full.

    It might also be more fun or challenging for people that are trying to escape or catch someone, because someones fuel will be empty sooner or later.

    And friend of mine and me were working on our own roleplay server once and came up with the idea of a health System (of course we got influenced by different servers) We were thinking of a health System, where you have to buy food and drinks to keep yourself alive.
    This way, once again, people have to work and spend their money.
    Also restaurant owners might get some sort of benefit.

    About the prize - I personally would take the usual GTA SA prizes for meals.

    Little side feature - if you eat too much, you get fat and have less stamina.

    I was also thinking about a tuning shop. A place where people can tune their cars with spoilers, rims, bodykits or whatsoever. Was also thinking about reducing the speedo of some cars. For example the Infernus drives around 198km/h. My idea was to reduce the motor power, drop down to 120km/h or so and you have to buy a better motor to actually reach the max.

    There are by the way too much cars all over the map placed imo.
    It's better if people buy their own cars. Or get cars from their job.

    Last but not least, I was re-thinking of some jobs.

    Woodcutter Job
    *don't know if it's actually worth it, but I've seen it somewhere somewhen and found the main idea behind it kinda interesting.

    Farmer Job
    Possible tasks:
    • drive with combine harvester
    • collect weed
    • plant new stuff

    Pilot Job
    Possible tasks:
    Allahu akbar & 9/11 re-make inc
    • can be combined with the driving license idea
    • flying from airport A to airport B and back or add a fade out once you reach the other airport with a small animation of a plane landing on the specific airport.

    Street cleaner Job
    Possible tasks:
    • driving with Sweeper and clean a specific Zone
    • cleaning bins

    Drug dealer
    I personally would turn this into a real job, more like a minijob for a character. You have to find the drug somehwere on the map
    Possible tasks:
    • planting plants (better hide them otherwise random people can earn them)
    • dealing with them (better not get caught, you might get arrested)
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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 12:44 • #2
    Gud Prime
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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 12:55 • #3
    PS: Remove /kill command, many avoiders are spaming it!

    I learned to count on few, only the loyal ones continue with me.

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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 12:59 • #4
    Too many realistic stuff sometimes are a kinda boring..

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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 13:39 • #5
    Originally Posted by xGenT!L#
    Too many realistic stuff sometimes are a kinda boring..
    Driving with Rhinos and shooting innocent people, yeah that's what people really want lmao

    Honestly, I would love to see your suggestions to be added in the server!

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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 13:45 • #6
    Originally Posted by xGenT!L#
    Too many realistic stuff sometimes are a kinda boring..
    click off the game mode then

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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 13:56 • #7
    I would say it would be awesome if all jobs could interract with players. For example if someone is low health. He can call ambulance snd so medics heal him. Same goes for taxi . People might want to move to another location but no cars are near to rent so they have to walk all the way.
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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 15:14 • #8
    i realy won't post a thread about role play because as i see froums getting spammed by those ideas ,
    i was thinking about a job and places for fun
    which can be helpfull for the both sides

    Stealing food markets by getting inside and shooting the the one who works inside
    *u can't leave from there before 5 mins , or u will not get your money (idk how much u get after that 5 mins but @vEnom can deal with it i think )
    *police will get a screen warn by showing that market in map (while stealing )
    infos : it will be help full for polices and crimnals in the same time , everyone will try to kill the other for the money ,
    *after getting out u will not get any stars if u are not seen by police for while (as in mafia job )
    Another JOBS for STEALERS
    *Killing Polices with high XP which will be marked in map
    *Stealing Cars and selling them in the Stealer's base
    *getting a friend out from jail (works with high xp's stealer)

    * having fun in this casino by getting drunk and u can bet your friends there by playing chest maybe or any 2D games can be added by vEnom

    ♡thanks for reading feel free to share me ur opnion

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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 15:22 • #9
    Good Ideas (:
    Rest In Peaces Tzuyu real Unbeatable Citizen

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    Re: Possible Roleplay suggestions 13-08-2019, 16:31 • #10
    Originally Posted by xGenT!L#
    Too many realistic stuff sometimes are a kinda boring..
    That's the point of "ROLEPLAYing".
    Real life features brought in a game.

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