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    Pro ideas bro

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    This is a must!

    EVERY RP server that I've played in has a taxi and ambulance job, but NONE of them allow you to interact with other players (your job is only with NPC's) which sucks.

    Let us taxis and medics do the healing and transporting.
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    Ok so take some ideas from the old CIT server.
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    An animations panel would be great.

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    Originally Posted by TurBo
    - I remember back then in RP days you needed to type a command to start car engine, that'd be realistic too, along with the fuel that was already mentioned.
    - Also avoiding chat spam, maybe there's a system in which you can see other's chats only if you are close to them. If any player needs help, simply add a way where they can ask their questions, like a radio channel, so everyone can see. Only for players to ask questions, not to joke around etc.
    - Ability to buy GPS/Phone
    - A private forum for this mode. Where you can see gangs' list, mafia, etc. Or if anyone wants to sell a house, a gun or anything, open an ability for them to make a thread on a private section.
    - Also I wanna say that the Radar is kinda crowded and when I got that truck job, I didn't know where I was supposed to go, maybe add some sort of guide or anything that stands out.
    - Gun / Driving License
    - To get police and other high demand jobs, you'd need a lot of EXP, I say not everyone should be allowed to get in it.
    it also can be useful if you add binds like X for engine start or K to lock/unlock and maybe also L for lights

    and also the thing about jobs - a homeless guy can join the army/police etc without any problem is unrealistic
    there has to be some type of Join Request in near future and also some people who getting chosen by FFS Admins etc. to be the Head of a Faction f.e
    Head of Army/Police etc. and he will have a Forum where hes the Admin and also can manage things like Join Requests.

    For now this is just TDM
    Army/Police vs Mafia

    and thats boring
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