1. What's your name(s), age and location?:

    Ali, 16 years old and living in Egypt

    How long have you played MTA: SA?: almost 6 years

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

    3lite Racers 3R

    Zenosyne Z#

    zNation zN

    Unlimited Power UP|

    and more but not worth to mention imo

    Most significant parts of your MTA career:

    I joined alot of great clans so that I gained a real experience and I'm a clanwar player so I'll be helpful in clanwars and managing the clan if needed.

    Point out gamemodes you're most interested in:

    Shooter more exact Jump

    Why do you want to join coE| ?:
    This team/clan I think one of the biggest teams in the past and I think its the time to revive it back and start a new journey with new achievements.

    Have you ever had conflicts with coE| members: yes I had but dont take it serious, I like to joke and maybe my jokes go for 'insults' I'm not that bad tempered guy neither the rude guy who speaks with no manners or showing some respect so dont take me as the old kid person I'm different now.

    Discord : Noovl itoX#1847
    Skype: I can send it in private.

  2. Re: coE|Noovl's Join Request 14-08-2019, 17:32 • #2
    Good luck!

  3. Re: coE|Noovl's Join Request 14-08-2019, 18:46 • #3
    good luck

  4. Re: coE|Noovl's Join Request 15-08-2019, 15:03 • #4

  5. 15-08-2019, 21:58
    366 • 2,257 • 28
    In-game: .:DoA:Ciffon Online
    Re: coE|Noovl's Join Request 15-08-2019, 21:58 • #5
    Hello, @NoovlitoX ! Regarding our current count of members any kind of conflicts that you may have had directly reflects on results of our votes. Simply because of the percentage required to be recruited. Perhaps it wasn't the right time for you to apply, but we indeed hope you won't give up that easily. Without any further ado, your application has been Declined. Please do apply again if you're still interested, but be aware of intermediate time period between applications (2 weeks).

    Best regards, Ciffon


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