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    14-08-2019, 18:35

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    Hello everyone!

    Today I want to share with you some thoughts about the Hunter's room, which in my opinion would make hunter fighters feels bigger greater fighting spirit.

    Gameplay won't change because theres nothing what could be changed - only statistics which would make game more competetive for players who spend time in this room daily.

    I don't really know how other players react for stats system but actaually I check them almost everyday because I like to see how many points Im above someone or how many points someone is above me ... but I miss something there...

    Hunter room has only points system (Total/Monthly/Weekly) and I miss times when in scoreboard was something called killercounter with K/D amounts. Fact, that mentioned K/D system was only counting from moment you joined the server till you quit and with every rejoin/timeout this statistic was resetted to 0/0 but even this simply killercounter players liked.
    *My best result was 115K / 6D, maybe some of you can remember when i posted it once in the gallery.

    K/D ratio from DD in my opinion says much more about player than only points. Someone who isnt good probably wont make a good ratio with kills, and the opposite - better player will probably make more kills so his rato should be higher.

    Adding a K/D counter to hunter (exactly the same as its for DD but + with an option to sort by kills amount) will say much more about skills of a player than points.

    I hope you understand my point of view so below you can check what I would like to see in hunter statistics in the future.

    So here we go:

    1. Kills/death Weekly/monthly/yearly/total: Alpha/WSF

    Killer counter on the server scoreboard with weekly stat/forum statistics with weekly/monthly/yearly/, ended by Royal League. (exactly the same way as its with points now but additionally with amount of kills/killratio and second prize called for example Hunter killer of the week/month etc.)

    In my opinion it could open new way to chellenge with each others and bring new players to the arena.

    2. Winning in Alpha
    Receiving points, money with streak for eliminating the rest of the players and winning the round.
    Have no idea why we dont get benefits for being winner of the round.

    3.Special room with "Target mode"

    It would be sick for players who want to compete with something different. Yea it was my favorite mode in one server
    For those who dont know what is this, its room where one of the players are showed with another color on radar and others by teaming have to kill him (target). In my opinion room like this should be with only 11 spots max, 10 vs 1 is enough I think.
    Maps only closed to avoid long backflying.

    4.Small tournaments

    Challenge started automatically at specified hour 1 or 2 times per day to give a chance to play it for latins for example.
    Including 10 random maps with CW anti spray (3 shots per 5 seconds) in hunter alpha or making new CW room for it called Hunter Daily Chellenge and notified on globalchat when started and ofc special prized witch cash and maybe with some badges displayed also on your foum profile.

    This idea should be discussed more with other players but would be cool to compete in some small chellenges, not only in regular type of Hunter fights.

    It's all for now, let me read your opinions below about #makehuntergreatagain ideas and see ya on the server!

    *Note: If I will have next ideas for hunter rooms I will add them here so subscribe to this thread!
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    Re: #Makehuntergreatagain 14-08-2019, 18:55 • #2
    Yup, Supported!

    About the small tournaments, Expect news soon from me ^^
    If you want to know what im going to do write me on discord TheDragoN#7037
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