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    14-08-2019, 17:58

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    In-game: VortexiM
    Whatís your name, age and location?

    I am Vortex, my real name is Elyes, I am 22 years old and i am from Tunisia

    How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?

    Well i started playing mta since 2012 where i was playing samp servers, Lately in 2014 i joined ffs, My first gamemode was os, After few months of playing i moved in to play shooter, Thanks to the Shooter mode I got to know a lot of friends there.

    How often do you play?

    I almost play everyday 7-9 hours

    Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?

    I consider myself enough experienced within the server to take a role of such weight, since Iím around here for almost 5 years, and I have been watching other Juniors from the very first moment the concept was brought. Even though we are at a game I would take the role 100% serious, with a joy, mature attitude & workethics, free spirit and as well as a fun environment when working alongside other colleagues. I offer my availability to be at forum, & in-game (keeping an eye to the one who is doing something wrong!) always focused on giving help So I would freely say that if the chance is given, not to abuse any of the powers given to me but on the contrary, use them for the good cause and purpose by all means. Besides, I would like to have this grade to get the nice opportunity of showing that I can put effort like anyone else, considering the fact too that I can put time.

    Skype and/or Discord

    QQmbGQr.png : Vortex#6017

    1JrOybH.png : galaxys.10

    Additional information (optional):

    Hey I am Vortex, my real name is Elyes, I am 22 years old and i am from Tunisia, I have been playing in FFS since 2014. I am an optimistic person, who always seeks to give the best of himself and never give up, Besides, I like to learn from past mistakes and not make them again. And I am a guy who likes to feel special among other players, but I feel that I have an immense ability to help new players, However I also have a great quality that is to maintain respect for all members and players also having a calm to effect and resolve things in due time.


    I learned to count on few, only the loyal ones continue with me.

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