1. 14-08-2019, 20:40

    Junior of DM OS
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    In-game: gelenkigeOma
    Nickname(s) of the player(s): AM[X]R(3*) @Amxrr
    Account(s) of the player(s) (With the link to the account.):
    Infringement: trolling people, provoking, farming points
    Date and Time (optional): today
    Screenshots or/and Videos:

    Additional Comments: I personally would actually prefer, if you guys remove Symbols from nicknames in Roleplay. This would prevent such stupid actions from players. This guy f.e added (3*) to his name, so people tried to bust him, but in the end got themself a star and he instad catched them. Please fix that.

    AnUs: Due to the massive amount of Roleplay reports I have decided to handle it this way to prevent forum spam. Regardless, he has been punished. Thank you for taking the time to report him and sorry for the huge delay.
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