1. 14-08-2019, 19:40

    2,628 • 11,899 • 74
    In-game: FX|SUPRIM3
    Nickname(s) of the player(s): AM[X]R(3*) @Amxrr
    Account(s) of the player(s) (With the link to the account.):
    Infringement: trolling people, provoking, farming points
    Date and Time (optional): today
    Screenshots or/and Videos:

    Additional Comments: I personally would actually prefer, if you guys remove Symbols from nicknames in Roleplay. This would prevent such stupid actions from players. This guy f.e added (3*) to his name, so people tried to bust him, but in the end got themself a star and he instad catched them. Please fix that.

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