1. NinJawon Join The Liberators

    Introduction about yourself:
    My Anas I'm 17 Years Old My From Tunisia And My Location Messadine

    How often do you play? (h/day):
    I Playing 8/10 Hours a Day

    How long have you been playing MTA?:
    Started playing MTA in the summer of 2011, my brother and
    I and my cousin but now my cousin and my brother are not
    playing MTA because my brother became a musician and my
    cousin traveled to France and the rest I play in MTA

    Your previous clans, official & community clans. (name them and mention the reasons why you left or were kicked):

    ~> Quratz Famly<~ qF| left

    Lengend Online LO\\ left

    High Voltage Skills Vs| left

    Meanwhile-in-Texas MiT| kick

    The Smurfs TS* left

    Code "Sierra" cS| left

    Meanwhile-in-Texas MiT| left

    Why do you want to join The Liberators?:
    Because its members are stronger and I want to be as strong as you

    How can we contact you? (Discord):
    Discord : ninjawon#9245

    Something to add (Optional):
    Thank You!

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    Our join requests are closed.


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