1. Nickname: vahook
    Serial: F8558995B3817545DE5FC21F0F403843
    When were you banned/muted: This or previous month (see below)
    What was the reason for your ban/mute:: code injection
    For how long have you been banned/muted:: Permanent (6722 days)
    Who banned/muted you:: Sniper
    Additional text: Months ago I was testing a client-side Lua code injection method that i found in MTA to see if it could be exploited in the real world (yeah, this was a dumb idea). My intentions were to report it to the MTA dev team, but before i could do that, i got permanently banned from MTA. So I submitted an unban request to the MTA forum, then provided them with the details of the "exploit" (they have just fixed it 15 days ago if I'm correct), and got unbanned (they changed the length of the ban to 10 days). I had other stuff to do in my life, and couldn't play MTA for a while, but now as I wanted to join the server, I was presented with a message telling me that I have been banned for code injection. I do not know when this precisely happened, as after the "incident" I could still play on the server.

    The things I did with code injection if i recall correctly:
    - As a proof of concept, I tried out modifying my position and health
    - I tried setElemendData() to see if certain variables like scoreboard texts and money could be changed or not. Serious "money hacking" was not my intention, plus I do not really care about the ingame currency. I have not spent a single cent for years I think, and it was just accumulating there anyway. I only came here to "play derby and chill".

    So I just wanted to know, if I can get unbanned. Again, I know that what I did was not very professional or ethical.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Unban Request - vhk (@Sniper) 25-08-2019, 15:03 • #2
    Unbanned. Do not use our server as a testing ground next time.

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