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    i have some ideas that i would like to tell admins about.
    police shouldn't be able to damage eachother because it's annoying trying to hit criminal and hitting police and getting stars.
    there should be more missions multiplayer missions because it's getting kinda boring here
    and maybe the police xp and money should be a bit buffed idk
    thanks and goodbye

  2. 05-09-2019, 01:02
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    Re: Ideas for Roleplay 05-09-2019, 01:02 • #2
    Polices are shooting everyone's car but they dont get wanted level stars. I think polices shouldn't can shoot any 0 wanted level players.

  3. 08-09-2019, 20:12
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    Re: Ideas for Roleplay 08-09-2019, 20:12 • #3
    And military too.They couldn't shoot each other. I had paid 15000 dollar in order to rid out of wanted level which I got it by mistake thus far. And two times, I have spend money to buy weapons because of I have been arrested.

    courageous ones are gonna win every time
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