1. Your currently and former nickname(s), age and location: Slasher, 18, Poland

    Share with us your story, tell us a resume of your career in MTA: My career got started 5 years ago on October. I started to play MTA on the freeroam servers(BestPlay). At December 2013 I tired of it and started to play Destruction Derby. My friends showed me how to play well on this gamemode Then I started to change DD clans every day but that was pretty annoying. Finally, in 2015 DziadekMroz gave me chance to join [SF]. I learned a lot in this team, but it was closed. So I decided to join St| and together we had good results, but then it was closed. In 2016, I was lucky to join the best (old) clan in DD [HHX]. But it was closed after 1 month, so I don't even had a chance to become more than "trial member".In 2016 i joined Zurio Gaming too, but DD section was closed in one month. In 2017 March I joined to [GF]. I really liked this clan. I can surely say that It was the best clan I've had unfortunetely the clan was closed after a week. In 2018 we openned save// with polaks.

    We are pretty sure you've been in other clans, please list the clans(s) you've been in: [SF], |Dws|, St|, [DL], [HSTK], [GF], [SG], [G*M], {THB}, [AC], [GBS], save//, {THB}

    Tell us the real reasons why do you want to join [LnS]: I like your clan and finally I want to be a part of it. LnS is stabillity just amazing. I'm looking for stabillity, good and friendly clan.

    What can you do for our team?:
    I can record videos on youtube. Help in some problems with servers.

    Where do you see yourself in our clan (try to think what position would fit you the most): I see my self as Trial member or maybe member

    If you would have to rate your skills in DD from 1 to 10, which number would you choose and why?: I can score myself at 9. I focus on teamwork and team spirit, this is most important for me. I can win majority of 3v1 and 2v1.

    Tell us a strong point and a weak point of your personality: I'm friendly, calm and communicative

    Your Skype or Discord?: robert.niemiec84

    Something about you?: My name's Robert. I am from city Jasło in Poland, and I am 17 years old. When I have free time, I'm going to the sport club and playing football and volley-ball or just staying in home and getting fun on the video games I have the best girlfriend in the world. I like meeting with friends. I like recording videos.
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