1. My name is Venelin. Im 16 years old and i am from Bulgaria. The languages i speak are bulgarian, english and i can understand russian , but i cant speak it.I've been playing mta since 2011-2012.i started to play in WayDC's server and i learnt a lot about the Destruction Derby. In 2014 i was on trial in WayDC , then i stopped to play for 5 months , then i started again in ffs's server and i stopped again in 2018. i returned 2 days ago and im ready for something new.I've never been focused to be in big clans/teams. I play for fun and relax.This is my first request in big team.My skype is chichozdravko and my discord is venelin2003 (btw,i dont use both of them). I dont have hobbies. i play football everyday ,i go out with my girlfriend and friends , i go to coffee ,smoke cigaretes and yeah ,thats all about me .

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    Re: Ibizyyy^'s Join Request 12-09-2019, 02:12 • #2
    I think i've got dizziness about this

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    Re: Ibizyyy^'s Join Request 17-09-2019, 12:12 • #3
    Hello Venelin!

    Unfortunately voting has ended againts your favor. Feel free to reapply in 3 weeks, but make sure to be more appealing, otherwise it's pointless to try it again. A big tip: you could try to follow our Join Request Format. Copy the questions and answer them.

    I personally would have given you a chance, but this time you are declined.

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