1. 12-09-2019, 05:11

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    Hello, I'm back with a map
    by: Link, XzT, ShockOne
    called: Air Drop

    Map Queue: HERE

    MY PC

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    Map Queue: Here

  2. 12-09-2019, 14:50
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    Re: [DM] LinK Ft. XzT Ft. ShockOne - Air Drop 12-09-2019, 14:50 • #2
    Khe mapazooo

    Beautiful decorations combined with great song makes this map very enjoyable.

    Track is pretty good too, but I see no point in making „pussy hdm part with annoying helper that you have to hit with high speed and high degree” such as in 1:28 : )

    Congratz to Facz for passing norbi v5

  3. 12-09-2019, 17:01
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    Re: [DM] LinK Ft. XzT Ft. ShockOne - Air Drop 12-09-2019, 17:01 • #3
    Your records keep getting better dude. I would recommend a few more effects! and +1 slimy
    In the right words order so powerful are.

  4. 12-09-2019, 21:19
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    Re: [DM] LinK Ft. XzT Ft. ShockOne - Air Drop 12-09-2019, 21:19 • #4
    Deco looks good, the track though, oh boy, in my opinion it's (atleast looking like it's) really poorly made, there are so many parts that just stop you in your tracks. It looks like you didn't know how to continue a part on it and just slammed a wall there because you couldn't come up with someone else on it or it didn't work reliably enough to work without that wall.

    Also, try upgrading that teleport a bit with a camera fade, there's nothing more that I hate than a teleport which is just setElementPosition & setElementRotation, if you don't know how to add a camera fade, hmu on discord and I'll explain it for you (Nyeptu#0001). Again though, the deco looks really nice and the song fits really well.

    Nice record as always Andres.

    (Also, before this escalates into a discussion again, feel free to just contact me on discord to talk about it instead of getting some long ass convos here. I know someone will atleast feel the urge to talk back to me about this post.)

  5. 13-09-2019, 01:42
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    Re: [DM] LinK Ft. XzT Ft. ShockOne - Air Drop 13-09-2019, 01:42 • #5
    The teleportation is due to the fact that there is a map limit and we decided to take it to the end so as not to have complications. Besides that we can do it, only we wanted to leave it just the old teleport, nothing new so we liked it ..

    Todos Vivimos Por Algo Que No Queremos, Pero Que Simplemente Esta Allí Para Ti Aunque No Lo Necesites..

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