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    First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself for those who don't already know me.
    My name is Dennis, I'm 23 years old and I'm currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany. Welcome to my application.

    When I first found MTA in 2009, I started to play on the old [FOTL] Server, which was a pleasure for me right up until 2011, where I decided to take a break from the game for several reasons at that time. Not so long afterwards, I found myself focusing more on playing other games. Games such as Call of Duty > Zombies, which eventually became a platform for me to improve my popularity. How so you might ask? Well, through my persistence, I managed to become a multiple world record holder, which is something I am quite proud of even today.

    In contrast, my recent MTA experiences are very different from those in my first years of playing this game. After a break that was much longer than I had first anticipated, I returned in February, 2019. Upon my return, I found FFS and I have to say, I quickly met a lot of cool guys here that are now some of my closest friends!

    Officially I am clanless as far as official clans are concerned. Otherwise, I am a proud member of the Fucking_Xtreme server clan, and I am very happy here.

    The main reason that I want to be a part of this clan is to help players and that is something I have never shied away from. Many people who have asked for my help have already received it from me. I can surely say that I am a person who loves to help people that are in "need".
    Some people already know me for this very reason, through my work as a junior. I believe I am recognised for the time I have spent upholding my junior duties - as soon as my assistance is needed somewhere, I try to respond and act there and then. I feel I am prepared to help with the higher majority of requests made around the server.

    The other reason why I want to join FFS is to serve the server as an innovator/developer. In my opinion, I can handle Lua (scripts), web-design & web-development well, especially since the latter is my main job outside of MTA.

    As a junior, I've put quite a few rulebreakers to bed and I don't plan to change that if I become an FFS Trial, on the contrary, I would uphold my services to the team even more as I would be representing the clan rather than just myself. I also believe that joining the clan will open doors to gaining even more respect from my fellow players so moderating should become even easier than my time as a junior.

    Another thing that is worth mentioning is my extended duties. Thanks to my mapping experience, something that I'm quite eager to help with is the fixing of maps. I can help fix maps if they have bugs, shortcuts and generally speaking, anything else map-related as I feel I have already conquered most of what can be conquered as a mapper.

    Last but not least, I know that I can be successful in helping to organize events. This is because I have participated in and managed some arena events already, which went to plan. Prizes were, of course, FFS Premium for a few weeks but with time, maybe I can organize some events with larger prize pools! I intend to serve the players as much as I possibly can if I am given this opportunity. Nevertheless, I'll be sure to apply again if I don't succeed this time around. Wish me luck!
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