1. 21-09-2019, 01:17

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    Why do maps without errors get updated and re-uploaded? Sometimes the fixes aren't even made by the mappers themselves... (Not talking about problematic bugs)

    For example this one...

    [DM] SymoN v7 - Deep Power Paradise
    11h ago uploaded by TONY

    I reckon that this map didn't have any errors, but it got re-uploaded anyways? The problem is, that the map has different spawnpoints now, which makes it really unfair in terms of toptimes. Top 1 was made with the old and easier/faster spawn. Now it's really difficult, some might say impossible to beat now.

    The same applies to the map Source Code

    What's the reason for this re-upload? It already had toptimes with the older/more difficult version, but it got updated anyways? (and there wasn't any crucial bugpart/fix that was needed) @AnUs

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    Re: Uploading "fixed" maps that cause inconveniences 21-09-2019, 01:21 • #2
    The only problem with symon v7 now are the spawns which are missing and they can be added, in general, fixed version is way better (no more slowbugs, dying cuz of some random bounces)

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