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    Nickname(s) of the player(s):

    *Kayyali (login: Kayyali),
    SexyCrazyLady850 (login: AmrTolba),
    70da? (login: 70da),
    *RoBBeN (login: azzeltonsy).

    Account(s) of the player(s) (With the link to the account.):

    *Kayyali: https://ffs.gg/members/184722-Kayyali,
    SexyCrazyLady850: https://ffs.gg/members/298369-AmrTolba,
    70da?: https://ffs.gg/members/118368-70da,
    *RoBBeN: https://ffs.gg/members/340264-azzeltonsy.

    Infringement: Abusing saves at Carball.

    Date and Time (optional): This week.

    Screenshots or/and Videos: https://ffs.gg/statistics.php (if week ended (and even if not), look there (there are their stats and this week statistics (look at their saves, playing time and goals)): https://imgur.com/a/gLRLjZt).

    Translated Text (if applicable): -

    Additional Comments: They just abused saves. Look at their goals, saves and their playing time. It's not possible to make from 20k to 40k in one week. I don't know what did they think. It's easier to score goals, than save something on their level. They should have more goals than saves. They don't have enough skills to make even 10k in 7 days. Of course they can play with guests and newbies, but many times arenas (not created by players) are empty. Three players of them have just from 10 to 22 days playing time. Only 70da? has 56 days playing time and he isn't playing at Carball only. Last time when I have seen him he had only 60k points. They are from the same country - Egypt, and I think it's not coincidence. For example 5th best player in the statistics made only 5000 points. Look here: https://ffs.gg/statistics.php (if week ended, look there: https://imgur.com/a/gLRLjZt).

    As I said just look at their goals and saves, that's a big difference, because they were abusing. Their (*RoBBeN's, *Kayyali's and SexyCrazyLady850's) playing time is only from 10 to 22 days, and they weren't playing at Carball only. Their points should be resetted and their accounts banned. Even the biggest nolifers can't make 20k in one week. Screens (with their stats (look at their saves, goals and playing time)): https://imgur.com/a/gLRLjZt. *Kayyali shouldn't get prize from the Royal League.

    And if they get banned, you shouldn't unban them, because they will abuse second time in the future (like many abusers). I really think RESETTING THEIR POINTS could do something. And please reset their points instantly... Some guys points wasn't resetted, and that sucks. They were reported for abusing here: https://ffs.gg/threads/94306-Reporti...nts-in-Carball. If admin, who will take care of this report could reset their points (or request it), it would be nice.
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    Re: Reporting 4 abusers for abusing points (and saves) at Carball. 21-09-2019, 13:11 • #2
    They've using that bug before. This isn't the first time

  3. 21-09-2019, 15:53
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    Re: Reporting 4 abusers for abusing points (and saves) at Carball. 21-09-2019, 15:53 • #3
    @Mert @AnUs @Luna^
    Also i reported one of them
    This is not the first time seeing player abuse saves in carball....

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    Re: Reporting 4 abusers for abusing points (and saves) at Carball. 21-09-2019, 22:55 • #4

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