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    In-game: ~xRz~Vuuaakew
    Introduce yourself:name is Abdullah, and I'm 17years old, I live in Jerusalem, Israel.
    Your Multi Theft Auto career:I started playing mta in 2014, in a server called "3R",TG,EPG until 2015, I found about ffs' PTP gamemode, I played there for a long time, but now I play DM and Shooter too.

    Have you been in other clans before? If so, name them, and tell us the reason of your departure:
    Xtreme Racers zCool
    Back To The Future
    NAB Team

    How could you be useful to us?:There is respect among the players.

    Why would you like to be a part of our team?:It is an advanced clan and legendary players


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    Re: T2S | *Vuuaakew's Join Request [Accepted] 21-09-2019, 17:03 • #2

    2nd place L7 OS Tour 4.
    1st place L7 OS Tour 5.

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