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    In-game: thenico^xz
    What's your real name, age and location?:
    Nahuel Nicolas Ortiz, 21 years, Argentina

    What languages do you speak?

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    since 2009 I started looking for online games in gta san andreas and I found it, there were several servers of freeroam / deathmatch, I met one called "PRO|Race" play several years until 2011 that closed... later in the same years I met the server xTrem5 "|X5|", after 2-3 weeks of being in tests to be of the clan, I was recruited in X5 by Justin, also to maps for the server I hope I could recover those old maps but meh, in 2012 I closed the server and decided to leave the clan. Later in the same year I met several more servers. I also made my clans as Nx, PfG and GR#, that's all for telling what happened to me in MTA

    What is your preferred gamemode?:
    DM, Hunter, Shooter.

    Have you been in any other clans:
    xTreme 5 - |X5| / 2010-11 / Member
    Revolution Mortal - [RM] / 2011-12 / Member
    News xTreme - -Nx- / 2012-13 / Leader
    LatinS xTreme Gamer - LxG// / 2013-14 / Member
    Exotic pro Racers - ~EpR// / 2014 / Leader
    Professional Favourite Gaming - /PfG\ / 2015-16 / Founder
    Squad of Revolution - SoR! / 2016 / Member
    Saints - St. / 2017 / Member
    executors Gaming - exe. / 2018-19 / Leader

    Why do you want to join MS?:
    I have no idea, I would just like to be in the clan because it might be my first clan in the ffs server, and I would like to enter, also to help in the cw they would do on the server.

    Discord: Thenico#5772

    Additional information (optional):

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