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    In-game: thenico^xz
    What's your real name, age and location?:
    Nahuel Nicolas Ortiz, 21 years, Argentina

    What languages do you speak?

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    since 2009 I started looking for online games in gta san andreas and I found it, there were several servers of freeroam / deathmatch, I met one called "PRO|Race" play several years until 2011 that closed... later in the same years I met the server xTrem5 "|X5|", after 2-3 weeks of being in tests to be of the clan, I was recruited in X5 by Justin, also to maps for the server I hope I could recover those old maps but meh, in 2012 I closed the server and decided to leave the clan. Later in the same year I met several more servers. I also made my clans as Nx, PfG and GR#, that's all for telling what happened to me in MTA

    What is your preferred gamemode?:
    DM, Hunter, Shooter.

    Have you been in any other clans:
    xTreme 5 - |X5| / 2010-11 / Member
    Revolution Mortal - [RM] / 2011-12 / Member
    News xTreme - -Nx- / 2012-13 / Leader
    LatinS xTreme Gamer - LxG// / 2013-14 / Member
    Exotic pro Racers - ~EpR// / 2014 / Leader
    Professional Favourite Gaming - /PfG\ / 2015-16 / Founder
    Squad of Revolution - SoR! / 2016 / Member
    Saints - St. / 2017 / Member
    executors Gaming - exe. / 2018-19 / Leader

    Why do you want to join MS?:
    I have no idea, I would just like to be in the clan because it might be my first clan in the ffs server, and I would like to enter, also to help in the cw they would do on the server.

    Discord: Thenico#5772

    Additional information (optional):

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    In-game: [MS]ceodom
    Re: [MS] Thenicos Join Request ✅ 24-09-2019, 13:16 • #2
    Hey Nicolas!

    Voting went really well for you, you earned your place in our community! I am happy to see DM players applying, because DM communities and the people there are much more open and friendly than commuities from any other gamemode. I am sure you will integrate fast, and help us in future clanwars as well. You haven't joined our discord channel yet, please do so by clicking here.

    You are accepted, feel free to send JR in-game!

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