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  1. 28-09-2019, 20:28

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    Ever since our journey began, we have always been focused on providing the best gaming experience and barely ever pushed any interface updates. Most of the current UI assets served us well for almost a decade, and it's time to pay them a tribute.

    Login Panel

    The main feature is avatar, that fades in whenever you're done typing your username.

    New Scoreboard

    Having to suffer from lags or being forbidden to use it in certain cases, it was indeed bothering each time you opened the scoreboard. New scoreboard delivers the ability to select an arena you want to display and solves the above mentioned issues. Important elements like arena names, playercount, Admins & Premium teams use bold font type. Other than that, functionality remains the same.

    UI 2.0

    Responsive forum seen the daylight about two years ago and it was indeed long overdue to keep the high standards we once set on our server as well.
    The main focus was to deliver the best experience on variety of resolutions. Low-reso users don't have to worry about certain elements taking a lot of space on the screen, on the other hand, 4K users don't have to squint to read the text anymore.



    HUD is now shown for spectated players as well. Apart from new look, progress bars are now animated. Healthbar color takes on red shades as your HP decreases and starts flashing when you lose all of it. When you control aircraft, instead of speedometer you will see height percentage. It should come handy in hunter fights.


    Top times & wins


    Mapbar, Radar & Racebar


    Functionality remains the same, you can expand the rows by holding R key.

    Map Info & Specbar

    Map info now takes a lot of less space and is always above the specbar. Like before, it shows right when the map is loaded and you can display it again using F6 key.

    Fresh Meat

    We welcome new trial members too:
    • xDarK1nG returns after 3 months of absence
    • St0pr0c3NT returns after 4 years of absence
    • Wintersea returns after 7 years of absence (formerly known as Sasuke)
    • N3zaX is a new member from DM Oldschool arena
    • LUZID is a new member from DM Oldschool arena as well
    • LukacuLZ is a new member from HDM arena

    Welcome and enjoy your stay! For others - don't give up, we will recruit new members by end of the year, you can post a new join request.

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