1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: BOSS, 17 years, Russia

    How long have you played MTA: SA?: I play MTA since 2013. In the first time played in dayz. Later my friend showed me this server and since then I play here.

    Why do you want to join EoS?: Because I'm a dumb and I can be useful

    What do you expect from us: nothing

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    Re: [EoS] BOSS's Join Request 10-10-2019, 20:08 • #2
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    Re: [EoS] BOSS's Join Request [CLOSED] 10-10-2019, 20:41 • #4
    Hello @BOSS*aye

    We admire your interests on our team but we are really sorry to say itís a bit late to apply.
    Originally Posted by Ronaldo
    Note for future applicants: We are hereby closing the join requests until we feel the neccessarity to open them, thereís not any specific date.
    As a result, this application will be closed and locked. You can re-open it once the new recruitment season is there.

    Thank you for the interests again, closed.

    EoS Staff.

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