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    Re: Free round for ClanWars. 12-10-2019, 09:04 • #11
    Originally Posted by Eyecatcher
    What about giving each team the option to write /free before the countdown? The player who requested it is then able to write /redo and it'll do so.You can't /free after the countdown obviously as it can be abused and is just unfair for the opposing team.It should be limited to 1-2 redo's for each clan, also free time should be limited to 1-2 minutes or so
    imo it would be better if both teams have to vote, like at least 2-2 people from each team. Also maybe there could be a /ready command too, after both teams typed /ready the round would restart.

    Also, if you want to write it before countdown, you really can't because you don't have enough time. That's why i said they have to vote from both team, so it couldn't be abused it someone dies.

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    Re: Free round for ClanWars. 12-10-2019, 10:08 • #12
    There should be a cmd for founders/leaders/cw managers like "/change ID x IDy or /supstitute ID x ID y"
    in case some of their member gets time out so you don't have to wait the server to kick him automaticly
    Or just to make them easier change their team sonu don't need to aso someone to leave so you could play.

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